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    Hi all! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and look forward to an exciting year ahead.


    I am impressed at the goals many of you reached this year or are planning to reach next year- Tara the 1:35 half and BQ sound like great goals!


    2ft, I have used the 18/55 programme to train for a half. I did not do quite all the miles but got up to a high of 50 with several weeks in the mid to high 40 mile range. Although I must admit the course was fast and conditions perfect I ran a time that was fantastic for me, so I am sure you will do well.


    Jan26.2- like you I am not really training for a half at this point but it helps to keep in touch!


    Wolf- well done! A great race, no doubt the tough stretch near the end was temperature related. Loved the description of your "duel" with the elf!

    I am kinda scared to commit to goals for next year but I would like to break 46 minutes in the 10k.

    PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                        10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.



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      Here I go, having fallen way too far behind again... maybe I should make a resolution to stop doing that.  Nah, I don't do New Year's resolutions.


      So I will just say congrats to Wolfwalker for an AWESOME marathon, and hi to everyone else... I'm loving all the yearly recaps, it's so nice to see what people have accomplished.


      In fact, I love it even more now that I've written my own (here), because it helped me to realize that amidst all the crap, 2013 actually wasn't a bad year for me at all.  Short version: 18 races, 8 PRs, 4 awards, ZERO FRACTURES.  I haven't been able to say that last one since 2010.  *knock on wood*


      Happy New Year, everyone!

      chasing 5:59


      because i never shut up ... i blog



        I haven't been in this group for a while since November. I was going to wait until midnight tonight to happily announce my registration for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, but I'll say it now - after 5 HMs under my belt I have decided it is time to plan for a FM so I am going to register and run my first FM at the IMM next year!!!  Of course, I'll have 3 other HMs under my belt by then - Smile

        I hope to get back to checking on this thread more often dang it.

        *Do It For Yourself, Do It Because They Said It Was Impossible, Do It Because They Said You Were Incapable*


        5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

        10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

        15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

        13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

        26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 


          Happy New Year to all, hope that 2014 brings health and PRs.


          wolf-nice marathon, and a great final time. You're getting fast.


          me-in taper mode for my "fake" HM that is for next weekend. I started a training plan that ends next weekend, so to keep my runs meaningful. Running in -20F weather and snowy roads, really take your speed away. After that "fake" race, my real HM training plan will start for the April 28 HM in Montreal.


          Plans for 2014: Run more, and get some speed back.


          5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
          2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45


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            Hope everyone had a great New Year's... and races, if you did any!!


            I ran a 3.35 mile race today (RR), in which I set that elusive 5K PR.  Too bad I can't count it...

            chasing 5:59


            because i never shut up ... i blog

              Hi All,


              Week 2 completed: 11m general aerobic including 10 x 100m strides; 10.5m general aerobic; 5.5m recovery; 14 milesLR with 10m@ GMP (treadmill due to weather)

              Two words about the last workout of 14m on TM: firstly, smashed my previous TM distance record of 8m, made possible by listening to MArathonTalk podcasts; for those of you who do not know this show, it is excellent, comes out every Wednesday, is free, and available on iTunes. It is a global broadcast but put together in the UK, so the accents may be challenging (particularly "Tony's Trials" which are short clips but can be extremely funny - on a good week) Secondly, I think I am going to need to "calibrate" treadmill pace versus road pace: to elaborate, I set the TM pace at 9:07 for first 4 miles of GMP, but HR was only 144, and I wold havce expected it to be a little higher; for next 4 miles, set to 9:00, and HR actually went down to 143; did mile 9 and 10 at 8:52 and 8:45, with HR of 144 and 146 respectively. So I will run a few miles at GMP on the road in the next week or two, and compare HR to see if I need to set TM at 8:45 to reflect a road pace of 9:00-9:09.


              Otherwise, forum is very quiet. Imagine due to a mix of over-eating during Xmas and the tough weather conditions most of us are facing at the moment. I'll be in Denver next week just for an overnight stay, and have a 4/5 mile recovery run on my schedule for that day. Have done a little research, and will probably go on the Platte River Trail which crosses DT Denver.

              Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

              Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 


              If you ask

                Happy New Year!


                I started the year with a group run, four-miler; tried to hang with the lead group but fell back a little.   I (finally) received my replacement Garmin Forerunner...DH offered to replace with new watch but I really like my 110.   So my first run with the watch  showed my pace at 8:30 which is not bad seeing that I had taken off the week before, and I didn't warm up at all.  Anyway, it was a group run, not a race, so it's all good.


                The next day I headed out for a 5 mike trail run, and gee, did my legs scream on the uphills. I suppose I did push it the previous day...


                Rested on Friday, while the snow came down, and met my friends for a group trail run on Saturday morning. A foot of snow and and 10 degrees temp but it was a really great run,


                Today I am sick in bed.  Yuck.

                • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
                • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)



                  New Years goal:  stay a little better caught up here. Doing not so great so far, since it's already the 5th!  I read often enough to know there's been some great running going on, but today I didn't go further back than this page!


                  FreeSoul - you will love Monumental, I predict. There were a few miles in the high teens-low 20s that were kinda lonely though, which I'm guessing the half avoided.


                  Bluerun - what the heck?  Do they not know how to measure distance in your neck of the woods?  And yay for no fractures!


                  2foot - what marathon plan are you using?  I'm training for an April 26 marathon and using Pfitz 18/55 again, with some added miles.


                  Stever - minus 20?!  That's when I hit the treadmill.


                  Edith - have been enjoying some cold trail runs here, too - although we've had some ice which is not fun. I only went down twice this week at least ... Hope you feel better soon.


                  Me - I took a hiatus from training and just ran some miles for a couple months. I enjoyed just spontaneously running whatever I felt like - slow trail miles, chatty group runs. My next project is now underway, though. I'm going to be an official pacer for the Garmin marathon in Olathe Kansas on April 26. I'm pacing the 4:20 group, so fast enough that I need to stay in decent shape, but hopefully a reasonably comfortable pace for me. I have a friend who is training for OK City on 4/27 who is hoping to BQ so she can run Boston with me, so I'm training with her when our schedules line up. She technically needs a 3:55, although she's hoping for a 3:45.

                  Its really cold here today (like most of the rest of the country!). I long ran yesterday when it was still 30 and sunny, and today just enjoyed indoor shorts weather on the treadmill.

                    Hello everyone and happy new year!  December kind of got completely away from me.  I was participating in a team mileage challenge where the goal was basically to run as many miles as possible over a 3 week period.  Our team ran hard weeks 1 and 3, and rested a bit in the second half of week 2, so I ended up with a 60 mile and a 70 mile week on the two "hard" weeks!  My previous personal best week was a 50-miler back in March.  Our team won, and it was a lot of fun, but I didn't post a lot since I spent all of my spare time running. 


                    In any case, I got the miles in by really slowing down the pace and doing a lot of doubles.  I didn't do any long runs or speed work or anything that I would need to recover from.  But man did my legs feel slow and heavy by the end of that!  I did get a sense of what a 70-mile week would look like as far as scheduling goes (of course it happened to be a pretty busy week with work and family stuff, boo!), and it makes me think that I could probably give the Pfitz 18/70 a shot for Portland this fall.


                    Right now, I am moving back into HM training mode, since I have a 10 miler in March and a HM in April.  I just finished up week 1 of a modified version of Pfitz's HM plan B.  If I stick with that one, I will probably bump up the mileage a bit to get more HM+ long runs.  I also want to look at Daniels this time.  Version 3 of his book should come out this week, so I will take a look and see if I want to switch over.


                    Miele, we got a ton of snow and some seriously cold temperatures!  Our county actually got hit the hardest for some reason.  I spent about a week of that high mileage period running exclusively on the treadmill because I didn't want to fall on the ice.  I did get one run in the snow on the first day when it had just started to see what it was like.


                    Congrats to Wolfy on the marathon PR! Smile


                    2-foot- I hadn't heard about the new Pfitz book, I'm excited to see what an updated book for the shorter distances will look like!

                      One week into 2014 and I have exactly 0 miles on my log!

                      seriously, this has been the worst start to a winter in many years in my part of the country, and from what I see on the news even worse in many other places.

                      Yesterday's events summary-

                      1) my son went for a short run, temperature minus 24 degrees C with wind chill of minus 38C. No fresh snow, however, which is a nice change.

                      2) A 70 year old man was rescued from his car which had been stuck in a snow drift in Leamington, Ontario for two days, by the driver of a snow plough,  (plow if you prefer!)


                      I am hoping to get out for the first time this morning as there was no snow last night and temps have risen to a pleasant minus 10 this morning. I wish I had access to a gym so I could run indoors.


                      Happy New Year to you all, and keep those treadmills humming.

                      PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                          10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


                        1st day back to running for me after a 2 week break.  After the marathon on the Dec 26th I came down with a nasty flu. I was planning on running 2 days after the mara but I was instead, lying in bed hurting with sickness.  Spent new years alone and sick as well...  I was feeling better a week ago but it has taken an extra week to get all the stuff out of my lungs.  So I decided today to run a 5k training run and it felt pretty good.  I took a walk break or two because I didn't want to start a coughing fit.  I think I am back to normal enough to start some full weeks of training again.  Wow, the flu virus is a stinker!  Hope you all all healthy and staying warm out there on the East coast,.  cheers!

                          5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

                        10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                        Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

                        Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

                        Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                        Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34

                          Wolf: hope you complete your convalescence soon!


                          SimonR / Stever: cold spell seems behind us in NJ. By your standards, I imagine you would have called the weather normal for the time of year...


                          DrJen: I'm doing the Pfitz 18/55. Seems you are a fan of this program. What did you find to be the toughest week or aspect of the plan. Reading through it, I quite like the fact that the 3 20-mile runs are spread out in time, allowing more time for recovery and benefit to take effect before the next one: for my first marathon, I gradually built up the LR, so the 20s were all towards the end.


                          Zelanie: if you can't wait until November, you can get "road racing for serious runners", if not new then second hand, on Amazon. Don't be put off by the title "serious runners": serious in this case means that you want to improve. that's all


                          Me: Week 3 of Pfitz 18/55 completed, 43.8m comprised of: general aerobic (10m), recovery (5m), lactate threshold (9 with 5 at LT), recoery (5m) and long run (14m with 8 @GMP - well, 9:00 as opposed to goal of 9:09)

                          OK, it's only three weeks, but really liking the Pfitz program. I find that the longer runs during the week are really helpful, and make the weekend LR a breeze. I realize that I am still on the base preparation, and that the hard stuff is still to come (back to hard hard runs and long runs on Friday-Sat-Sunday), but I am really confident this program will enable me to run a great race.


                          Heart rate on TM versus road: you may remember I did a LR with 10 miles at GMP on the treadmill, and was concerned that the HR was too low. For the treadmill with a 1% incline, it was 143/144, and on the road today, 145/146, so pretty close.

                          Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

                          Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 

                          You Rang?

                            Greetings all:


                            The Walt Disney World Marathon is now in the books.  I put up a full blown race report over at Beginners and Beyond.




                            The brief version goes something like this.  OWWW!  This race is more like a rolling party than a race.  It is both simultaneously fun and painful.  Speaking of pain, I've got an unhappy quad muscle.  It hurts to walk and stand on it.  Think I might be taking some time away from running  and refocusing my efforts on strengthening my core and losing weight.




                            PR: 5k 25:01 (10/15) 10k: 57:44 (7/14) HM: 1:57 (5/15) FM: 4:55 (1/15)

                              Lurch, So impressed.  Knowing what I feel like at miles 11-13 of the half-marathon, I can't even imagine all that running.  Nor can I imagine being in any state to do pushups (with such good form judging from the picture) at mile 21. WOW!


                              Me - I'm plugging away.  Had a lovely 12 miler on Sunday during a rare spring-like day here in New England.  This weekend I'm supposed to do a (gulp) 16 miler.  I've only run that distance once before - last fall - and it wasn't pretty!  But I can already tell I'm stronger than I was then.  I remember finding 12 miles a challenge last August, and now it seems on the long side, but no biggie.  So we shall see!  The timing of my 16 miler is a little awkward because I have a 5K the following week and I don't want to be still sore from the long run when I do the 5K.  But I care more about the half-marathon I've got scheduled.

                              Current PRs:  Half-marathon: 2:04:46 (Nov. 2013) /10k: 55:01 (Oct. 2013)/ 5K: 25:40 (Dec. 2013)


                              Upcoming races:  5k Jan. 25, 2013

                                                            Half marathon Feb. 23, 2014


                                Greetings All

                                New to this forum, but I was reading everyone's posts, and it motivated me!  I'm training for a 1/2 on 2/23.  Six short weeks left.

                                Only my 2nd 1/2, and my first was many years ago.  Hoping to finish under 1:45, but we'll see.  I'm in really new territory training for this distance.  I'm using the Hal Higdon Novice & Intermediate programs as guidance, but not following either exactly.

                                This weekend I'll be up to 10 miles!