So...this running in the snow thing...how do I do it? (Read 2612 times)

Baby bean!

      The sidewalks are not cleared and the roads are really slushy and more narrow that usual.  Do I make it extra tough and run through the snow on the sidewalk or do I make it extra dangerous and run on the road?  Any tips for keeping my feet relatively dry?   Thanks!

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      Smartwool socks...your feet won't really be dry, but they will stay warm.


      I don't like running on the sidewalk during the Winter...there is almost guaranteed to be lumpy ice under the snow waiting to take you down and/or bust an ankle.  I would take my chances with the slushy road, facing traffic.  If it's near dark I'd don the reflective gear, maybe a headlamp, and a red blinkie on my back.


      I'm just thankful that it's not us this time.  Last year we measured a near record ~120" by season's end (our average in a season is 91").  We did have at least one month last Winter that was record snow.  And with county plowing budgets slashed there were a couple of times that we had storms that dumped at least 6" with no plowing on any secondary roads.  That really made running rough.  I made good use of the treadmills at the little fitness center in town, then.

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      Baby bean!

        Oooh, I don't have wool socks.  I should invest in a pair.  But I hear ya about secondary streets.  NYC is famous for letting those go by the wayside!  Oh so fun!

        Finish C25K

        I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.


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          Smartwool socks...your feet won't really be dry, but they will stay warm.




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             I use socks from these people when I run cross country in the Winter or go out on my MTB and they are wonderfull,


            I haven't seen the football socks before.


            I'm sure you can get these or something similar, have a look at the running section of the site


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              I love when marketers pose as clients:

              I can honestly say that these gloves keep my hands totally dry. I find myself using them for general use around my house as well. Taking the dogs out in the rain, tossing their wet fetch toys and just working around the house in the rain.

              MTA:  The concept looks legit.  The comments though, they made me laugh a bit.

              Correction, not marketers, outsourced resources:

               Hey SealskinzI´m a pro Danish soldier, been this for almost 3 years now and have been one tour to Iraq.As a soldier and highly active outdoor person, i almost demands the best of my equipment!Only quality is in my stockpile of gear!That´s why i use Sealskinz products!

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                Yaktrax can help with the slipping and sliding.  As far as keeping my feet warm and dry, I have found that trail running shoes with Gore-Tex uppers keep the feet in good shape.

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                  I totally get the concept of English as a Second Language, but I'm puzzled in a smiling way about why our Danish soldier friend ALMOST demands the best.


                  Maybe it means "hey, I know these aren't the highest quality so I lowered my expectations".


                  (actually, no, I know that's not it.  Which is why it makes me smile. He just confused almost with always. Still fun.)



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                    > So ... this running in the snow thing ... how do I do it?

                    Get them knees up! 

                    As far as the feet dry thing, Gore-Tex shoes are great, but for me it's all about the DryMax socks. 

                    For ice traction, I run in YakTrax Pros with a fair amount of confidence. Be careful on metal grates and when you step indoors on hard surfaces, though.

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                      I have no idea.  I wore Yak Trax and warm socks and almost fell. 


                      Back to the treadmill.

                      Bring it on.

                        I always almost demand Mexican food when I go to Taco Bell.


                          Yak trax and smartwool socks for me too.  You need to take it slower too although the Yak trax seem to slow me down all on their own.  It does make for a tough run -- sometimes I feel like I take one step forward and slide back again several inches (this is usually where that Paula Abdul song starts playing in my head "One step forward and two steps back").


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                            My first time running in the snow.  As Sara said, it is tough with the Yaktrax; my pace was slower than it is in the sweltering heat when I sometimes walk, but I never slipped.  I did invest in the Saucony Progrid Razor shoes for the winter.  I did 6 miles in them and they were very comfortable.  I wore Smartwool PHD Ultra lite socks with them and my feet were warm and dry.  It wasn't too bad running on the edge of the road.  Anytime I saw a plow, I just pulled over to the side and waited till he raised his blade and pulled away from me to continue on my way.  I had on a glaring lime green wind jacket and my Road ID Flashing light too.  No headphones. 
                              For the first time in my brief running career ,I'm seriously considering going to the darkside and joining a gym with a TM. I ran outside all last winter,but there was very little snow. Yuk!





                                I never worried too much about shoes/socks or how I run in the snow.  Just get out and run.  Sure, you'll be running slower--inevitable.  Footing is bad and your ankles and calves might get sore from extra stretching...  Just be careful.  Always run against the traffic so you can see them.  Never trust the drivers (including yourself when YOU are driving).  When the car go by, slow down and be extra careful.  My nightmere is to slip in the wrong direction just as the car goes by...  Could happen! 


                                Do NOT worry about minute-per-mile or how many miles you're running.  Bascailly, forget what your Garmin tells you.  That won't mean anything in running in the snow.  Go by effort--how you feel.  I just went out this hour's loop and at one part, the sidewalk wasn't plawed.  It was uphill so I just took it as extra steep hill!  So you'll have to lift your knees a bit higher; it'll do you good.


                                I've tried different kinds of socks, I even tried wearing a plastic bag over the feet (I think Benji Durden suggested it...???) but didn't like it.  So what if your feet get a little bit wet; it happens and, as long as you keep on running (unless you do run/walk), you'll be fine.  I've worn shoes with ventilation holes on the bottom and that sucks if you step in a slush but you'll live...


                                My wife sears by one of those ice-jogger thingies.  I had tried before but basically pack them up--I'd rather just look for good footing; if you wear those, you will be almost limited to where bad footing exists.  I'd rather just sometimes get on the road and defy traffic!  ALWAYS, though, wear something reflective when running in the dark (assuming you'll have no other choice). 


                                Have lived in MN for about 17 years; fell probably 2 or 3 times but managed alright.  Love running in the snow.  My wife thinks I'm just showing off getting out when snowing.  The fact is; I just love running in snow!  Of course, I enjoy running in the rain (in the summer) though.  So what if you, or your feet, get wet a bit.  That's a part of fun.  You never bothered about that when you're a little kid, running through mud and all?  Permanently dirty socks are feather in a hat for runners.


                                Embrace running in the snow.  That'll bring a kid in your heart back out.  Have fun and think snow!