Workouts not uploading from Garmin (Read 341 times)

Consistently Slow

    I switched to Mapmyrun but still had no luck uploading.


    Aug. 16, 2023 Aug. 16, 2023 Run 251 2.17308 4373 33.5391 11.5472 1.78895 5.19605 10734 b'' Map My Fitness MapMyRun Android

    Aug. 14, 2023 Aug. 14, 2023 Run 15 0.145967 242 27.6318 17.0732 2.17141 3.51428 597 b'' Map My Fitness MapMyRun Android


    This file cannot be imported. Possible reasons are:

    • Your data file is not in the correct format.
    • The file is in a new format.
    • There is a bug in the importer code.

    If you are certain that the file has no errors, please contact me for assistance.




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      i did not have any issues updating yesterday. the "Save All" feature is wonky. it does not respond but it does save the activities.