More miles than degrees club (Read 4437 times)


    As a Floridian it is darn near impossible for me to ever get this, but this morning will probably be the closest i ever come. 20 miles at 30F. Almost died lol.


      To bump this page on top of the spam: Ran about 15 in 8-12 degrees (was 8 degrees when I left,  it warmed as I was running).

      Funky Kicks 2019

        I bet there are lots of us this weekend!  -2 degrees, 7.4 miles.

        Leah, mother of dogs


          12 at 5F with -17F windchill.  Logistically challenging, I struggled to carry water without it freezing.


          Break on through

            I'm in for the first time this winter...  21 miles at 18 degrees.   It's supposed to be colder tomorrow, so I won't have to run as long!

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              With the mild winter here in Minnesota, I haven't gotten in the club often this winter.  I got in today when I ran five miles at -5°F but this may be our last sub zero day this winter.  I may not get back in until next November or December.


                Finally made it in! We've had a total non-winter here in Detroit, and I didn't think I'd be able to do it this year between the high temps and my current low mileage.


                Only ~6 miles for 4 degrees, but hey, still counts!

                Funky Kicks 2019

                  -11 F and 6 miles.  That was the coldest air temp I've ever worked out in.  But the sun was out and no wind so it wasn't too bad.

                  Leah, mother of dogs



                    -4 and I dashed to the car. Does that count?


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                      I'm trying really hard not to join your dumb club. I went as far as to do my long run on Saturday before the real cold arrived  but waiting for the temperature to warm up so I can go run for an easy 45 min is not really working. It's up to 2°F at 11 am from a low of -7°F.


                      This may require a short drive to the judgement free zone.


                      mta: Alright fine. 6.4 miles, 3 degrees. When there wasn't a head wind it was "not bad". Still, I hope that's it for this winter.

                      Runners run.

                        Guessing most of us northerners east of the Mississippi will make it today.   16 miles @ 10 degrees for me in Chicago.

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                        Break on through

                          As predicted, it was colder today...  3 miles at -6 degrees and wind.  That was enough for me!  After that, I went inside and ran 7 miles on the treadmill.

                          "Not to touch the Earth, not to see the Sun, nothing left to do but run, run, run..."


                            Yesterday 16.5 miles in -4F at the beginning of my run and -9 by the time I got back, and -22F with the wind chill factor. Today, 11 miles in -15 F, minus 36F windchill.

                            Half Crazy K 2.0

                              I am somewhat disappointed that I could not join your club. Definitely the coldest weather I have run in (starting temp 12, ending 16), but I only did 8 miles. It gets warmer after today, so I missed my chance for the year.

                              Prince of Fatness

                                Heh. Did it today. Never thought it would happen now that I'm a sloth. 4 degrees. 6 miles. What now, bitches!