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    Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!" My son and I found the site today and will be using it from now on to log miles. I'm a 5'7, 275 pound 38 yr old who's looking to turn it around. Started by quiting smoking after 17 years when I had a heart attack two weeks before my 35th birthday. Went from 220 up to almost 300 when I quit smoking. Of course, let it be known that Hershey Kisses is NOT the recommended way to quit but I've been smoke free since April 04. I am a former runner, having grown up running 10K's with my Father and CC in High School. Can't say my ten years of Active Duty in the U.S. Army improved my running at all, as I left with two herniated discs in my back, a blown left knee and lots of arthritis. I've been on a Specialized Allez road bike the last two years, rehabing my knee and getting some cardio but now I'm determined to train for a 5K with my Dad this summer. I've started slowly, run/walking a two mile course. Look forward to chatting with all off you in the future! JT Hickman
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      Hi, JT, nice to have you here. Hope you have a successful return to running...this is the place to do it! My hubby is a Specialized guy, too. His "baby" is Ruby, a Roubaix Pro he bought just over 2 years ago. Smile k

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        Welcome. Congratulations on quitting smoking. That must be harder than getting in shape even without Hershey Kisses Wink. I have joined this site not that long time ago and I find this is a very supportive bunch of people here. I know this group helps me stay motivated. Ewa
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          Hi, JT. Running can be a life changer. Truly can. Just stick with it, one week at a time. Consistency is all that matters. Once you're hooked, the rest will take care of itself. A lot of former military here, by the way. Marine Corps here, but there's every service (and a few foriegn branches) around here somewhere. Even the frickin' Air Force, God help us all. You know, Indianapolis has a nice marathon. Just sayin'.
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            You know, Indianapolis has a nice marathon. Just sayin'.
            Hehe, one thing at a time.
            I run...then walk... then run some more.

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              Congrats on quitting. I managed to quit about this time last year. Welcome aboard. Feel free to ask any questions. You'll get a lot of advice, most of it given in a fairly straightforward way.

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                Hi JT! Congrats on both the non-smoking status and the return to running. I gave up about five years ago and it feels great to be healthy again. Look forward to following your progress. Claire xxx
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                  Hi JT- Welcome! You are off to a great start! I'm sure you'll find the wonderful people on this board to be full of inspiring thoughts for you! PS- I'm a Specialized girl- I LOVE my Dolce Vita, it is like a toy to me and sooooo fun to ride. I almost got an Allez but the deal on the Vita was too good to pass up. They make some great bikes!
                    Hey JT! Smile Welcome to RA from another Hoosier! Big grin I started running last January when I got this wild idea that I wanted to run the Indianapolis Mini in May. Tongue I did and now I'm hooked and looking forward to the Mini again this year. I was also coming back from cardio issues (congestive heart failure/cardiomayopathy) in 2002. Running has been great for me. I'm 41 now and in far better shape than I've ever been. I think you'll like it here. Teresa
                      Hi JT, welcome! Glad to meet you. I ride an Allez sport that was a hand-me-down from my husband when he build himself a titanium ride. I love it, though! I personally think Kisses are way better than smokes, although moderation is usually key... Wink Seems like anything in excess is a problem - my husband started on carrots when he quit smoking and now his dentist says he has the teeth of a 60 year old, and he's only 34! Well, keep us posted on your progress, and have fun! Carol
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