My running partner died today. Please pray... (Read 2871 times)

Prince of Fatness

    That's terrible.  Please accept my condolences.


      Special prayers today for you, your family, and your friend's family.

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        Wow, I am very sorry to hear that.

        Runners run.

        Oh roo roooo!

          What a terrible thing to happen--our thoughts are with you.  My husband and I have a little ritual of lighting an oil lamp and keeping it burning for someone going thru a bad time.  May some light come to you and your friend's family....

            I am so sorry about this.

            "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

              That's so sad. Both for your friend and for you having witnessed it. Hang in there.





                I can't even begin to imagine. My thoughts are with you and your friend's family. 


                  I am so very sorry for you loss.


                  MM #2929

                    Condolences to you and your friends family.

                      I am so very sorry Sad .

                      A Saucy Wench

                        So very sorry for your loss and for the circumstances.

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                          That’s tragic and beyond sad. My condolences to his wife, children, family and friends, and to you, his closest pal. Prayers will be sent…


                            So sorry to read this.  My thoughts to you and your running partner's family.


                            Squidward Bike Rider

                              How awful...very sorry for your loss.  Thoughts and prayers to you and his family.  Sad


                                Sorry for your loss!