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    So I've been having this pain in the lower part of my tibia. The exact spot is about 3 inches above the ankle. But when I press on it goes somewhere between tender and a very slight pain. My calf in that leg has become noticeably tight over the past week. When I try jumping on the leg it hurts a bit (~4/10) but nothing more than a slight discomfort to jump on it multiple times.


    It only hurts for the first few steps of the run and then it tapers off to a dull ache or nothing at all. Walking also doesn't hurt at all. Does this sound like a stress reaction or the beginnings of one?

      Sounds like a shin splint or soft tissue now. Keep an eye on it and be smart About your training. Get that area loose and warmed up before your runs to prevent micro tears. Ice after. Do a lot of calf stretching when warmed up and also some dorsiflexion exercises regularly. Google it. Make sure your shoes are in good shape.

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        Welcome to the world of running.  The tightness in your calf is most likely over compensating for the pain in your shin.  Everyday I have a different pain.  Try toe tap excersises.


          If it helps at all, my n = 1 experience with a stress fracture was that I could not pinpoint the pain.  I agree with Tchuck that it sounds like soft tissue.  I'd be doing some extra rolling, getting a massage, and maybe some graston treatment.

            This sounds very similar to an injury I experienced about 3 years ago.  I thought it was worse than a shin splint and went to see my doctor.  After examination and x-ray he determined it was a stress reaction, and told me to take 4-6 weeks off running.  I did and substituted elliptical workouts for running workouts for the 6 weeks.  While I had to miss a marathon I was training for, I healed and have been totally healthy since them.  I would suck it up and see a doctor.

              Had a similar problem almost 2 years ago.  Orthopedist told me, tendonitis (soft tissue) or stress reaction (bone) - an MRI might show the difference, but treatment is pretty much the same.  She also said, if it gets better the more you run - most likely soft tissue, if gets worse then stress reaction and likely to turn into a stress fracture w/o rest.  From that description I realized it was soft tissue and ICE strategic rests helped me work through it.  With soft tissue you can maintain work outs as long as things don't get worse, but you need to be really honest with yourself about that.  Don't increase your workouts or the intensity until things improve and be very careful when you do.  My 2 cents....