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    Thanks, Eric, for taking good care of us! Smile

      Thank you for providing runners with this incredible tool. The running log has been excellent for monitering performance. So take ur time.
        Ditto the entry by omatty. This site is fantastic. Thanks for all your work. Big grin

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          Thanks for the headsup. Glad to have no surprises, unlike at some other running sites.
            Thanks, Eric. My long over donation is on its way even as I type. Good luck!

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              For those who don't want to donate for one reason or another, (such as not being a donating type of person or just don't like paypal) then you could also purchase yourself an RA shirt: - that's through google checkout. Great deal, too - I don't think Eric actually makes much money off of them.
              Eric, I don't know which db platform you are using but if it is SQL Server make sure you detach the database first then copy the files from the old server to the new server then just re-attach the files and you should be good to go. Good Luck...
              I think he uses MySQL.

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                  Thanks so much for doing this, Eric! We all really appreciate all the hard work you've put into this site!

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                    Like many others have already posted; thank you so much for all your hard work Eric, and providing us runner's a great place to store our running information! I can relate with the 'all nighters' as I am currently a JR status in college, and have pulled a few of those myself Dead !!.

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                      Thank-you SO much for all you do Eric - you are truly a blessing in my running life!
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                        Thank you! To echo others -- the site is great and you do a terrific job taking care of all of us! Cool

                          Way to go Eric- you've provided an excellent tool for those of us who would rather be out training than "teching"-Thanks for doing the upgrade now while it's still a manageable operation for you. Great site -and thanks for all your hard work. Best of luck on the upgrade and a relatively short night. Cyndy
                          eric :)

                            Thank you everyone for your kind words! And a huge thanks to all of you that have contributed to help pay for the new server! eric :-)

                              Eric, mega thanks from me too...a hugely wonderful service!!


                              I have nothing particularly clever or profound to add as a tag to each message...I just like to run.   

                                Thanks Eric, For all you do, and All you have provided us here.... You are the BEST. Smile

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