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    I do a lot of swimming (in the pool). I usually mix it up, depending on the day, with a long distance swim only (2000-2400m) or a distance swim (1600/2000m) followed by 100m sprints with rests in between for about 5-700m. I'm trying to work my way up to a 2.4mi non-stop. Lately, I've noticed on my long distance swims passing about 2400m a couple toes on each foot will go numb. During the sprint days this doesn't happen even though I'm covering roughly the same distances. Is this a bad sign of an issue with my breathing and getting enough oxygen or is it just because I'm in the cool water for a long time and the blood flow is just limited to the extremities or is it something else? Anybody else ever have this problem? Should I be worried? Thanks in advance.

      I have this issue.  All the time.  Very frustrating.

      I think it's from pushing off the wall.

      I can manage it best by focusing on the first 1000 yards (or 1500 yards) by doing a gentle turn at the wall rather than a strong push off the wall.

      When I first started swimming (about 9 years ago), I did a lot of swims with continuous effort (ie. straight through 1500 yards, 2000 yards, 2500 yards, 3000 yards).  About 5 years ago, I switched to solely interval sessions (ie. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 for 4200 yards or 250 x 10 for 2500 yards, etc.).  I've gained so much more by doing those sessions, and have been able to race faster by focusing on the intervals.  For me, in all instances, I "go" on the 2:00 / 100 yard interval, with rests about 18 seconds per 100.


      Anyway, regarding the "cramping" in your feet.... try to push off the wall less.

      Open water will resolve this, I think.


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        Awesome. Thanks for the advice. Good to know it's not just me. I'll give the interval pyramid a try next pool session.





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