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    Which is better, keep running even though it slows you down or take time off?

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      Time off until it is less than a grade 2 strain.  That is time off from running, but keep up strength work and dynamic stretching.  Use care, deal with it actively...hamstring issues can become chronic and never-ending. (or so it seems to this sufferer)

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        I had a  recent minor strain but really could not run with it. I needed 10 days of no running with some ramped up rehab to get back to 100%.  I kept tweaking it when coming back too soon. You don't want this to be chronic. What are your symptoms and is it caused from running?

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          It only hurts when running, bending forward, and sitting for long periods. I don't know if it is caused by running but I first noticed it while running. I ran/walked a half last week and it didn't make it worse or better.


            Don't run. Stretch gently every day. Massages and chiropractic may help.

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              Thanks, everyone.


                Thanks, everyone.


                What about doing easy bike rides?


                  I'll try that this evening.