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    Since there seems to be less activity overall, I'll probably use the different forums as their topics indicate, rather than keep all my posts in Running 101 (which I'd take as the equivalent of the BF). Even though I asked about starting Dailies threads, I realized I haven't actually posted on the RWOL dailies for a long time, just the FB group version of them instead, so I don't know if I'd even participate if those threads did start up on the main boards here.


    Actually, no, running 101 here isn't exactly the equivalent of beginners, though it is by name.  A lot of what goes down in BF is chatty chat stuff, much of which isn't even running related.  Here, that would be a better fit in Off the Beaten Path..


    Yall could also set up your own RWOL refugee BF "user group" (making it private or public as you see fit) and go to town with whatever the heck you please.  There's a lot of coolness in that if'n you wanted.


    Now, that said... if you were to start up a typical dailies thread in running 101, that would be a-ok.  (30 different dailies threads?  Probably ok too.  A dailies thread about fantasy football?  Off the beaten path, for please and thanks)



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      User groups here have a little forum all to themselves.


        User groups here have a little forum all to themselves.


        For real and for true, and you guys could do whatever you want and give RWOL the boot completely. 


        Lots of coolness to a user group.


        One not-as-coolness is that new folks will have a much harder time finding you.


        Some of the user groups get a lot of action.  A few don't.  The marathoners one doesn't. Currently, at least.



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            Thanks for the welcome RA peeps! And hi to all the other RW refugees.


            I try to follow that mantra, and am working at logging runs. Is there any way to download from Garmin Connect?


            Well, off to VT for Thanksgiving. Will be back once we're up there. So much to explore (and I will find the donate button, don't mind getting ads). I'll check out the masters group - at 59 I guess I'm more than qualified.


            Hey- how does somebody from Conneticut run my local 12K race? ( Rhody Run) plus Skagit Flats and Avenue of the Giants, (both of which I've done).    Quite curious.

              Right now, the biggest complaint is that it isn't that active here.  Well, 1) that's not a bad thing necessarily and 2) it would be more active if more people would join and post rather than not joining and not posting.




              A few years ago a well-known poster here declared this site's forums 'dead' and for the last person to turn off the lights.  He was going over to RWOL's forums.  He still posts here occasionally.   Ironic that the RWOL'rs seem to be migrating here now!  I post quite a lot on RWOL and haven't found spam to be much of a problem on the particular board I frequent (California Running and Racing).  I don't particularly like their new format but I intend to continue reading/posting there.  The RA log is, far and away, the best log I've ever used.


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                Another RW refugee checking in.

                The first step is to get up off the couch!


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                    ...  I post quite a lot on RWOL and haven't found spam to be much of a problem on the particular board I frequent (California Running and Racing). ...

                     It depends a lot on the forum - Beginners (probably their largest) gets hit really hard, esp. on weekends and probably esp. on holiday weekends. I use about half a dozen RW forums and most don't get too much spam.

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                      The RWOL forums haven't been working for the past hour or so.


                      RA has.


                        Gday NZ checking in.


                          Another RWOL refugee checking in.

                          I'll give RA a try, what the heck.  Approve


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                            Spam is bad over there not here. And I am not eating spam on Turkey day.

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                              I have been enjoying reading about the invasion...I was one of the original cool runner invaders...I used to post mainly in the masters forum...but not so much anymore....welcome RWOL folk...hope you settle in and stay a running log ever...and Eric rocks...Senor Lopez ain't half bad either...(chrome does not recognize ain't as a word..whats up with that :-))

                              Trails Rock!


                                who is that?