2014 Sub-18 5K (Read 544 times)


    I won't be running another 5k until 2015, so I'm out too. I did run a 1:22:19 half marathon in October, which is the equivalent of a 17:55 5k. But of course that is not official until I actually race it. On on to 2015!

    2016 Goals:

    • 5k: sub-16:30
    • 10k: sub-36
    • Half: sub-76
    • Full: 2:45 in Boston

      Looks like we only got 4 people going sub 18 on our list. This thread has a lower success rate than the old sub 3 thread.


      Anyone else? Still some races left in the year but little/no time to get in shape.

      some call me Tim

        hahaha, awesome... and succinct. 'ran long instead'.


        "come run long instead, it's great out here-

        oh wait, where are we?"

          Well... that didn't go quite as planned.


          Turns out that doing 480 185 (see below) feet of climb and fall in a 5k is tough. I'm used to pulling about half that in a similar length run; Lynchburg, Virginia isn't called the City of Seven Hills for nothing, I discovered. I hit my target pace on the first two miles, which was great… except that I had a nasty positive split on the last 1 and .1. Given I still finished at 18:45, I've no doubt I could hit it on a flatter course. Might keep an eye out for something late in December just to hit the mark this year; more likely, I'll just hit it in the spring. So it goes sometimes!


          Edit: The course map had a 485 foot elevation change each direction… I suspect it had some problems with not compensating for a river and bridge correctly. Runkeeper tells me it was 185 each way. Still harder than I'm used to over that distance.


            I'm in for '15.


            Current PR is 18:54, and that was the first half of a 10K.  I've never done speedwork, so after I recover from my upcoming 50k, I'm going to start some speedwork and spend the first half of '15 seeing how fast I can get at the 5k/10k/13.1, then it's back to longer stuff.


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            Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

              It looks like just 4 out of 36 got their sub 18 last year. (Did I miss anyone?) Most of us had already run sub 18 too. That's a lousy 11% which makes this one of the worst goal threads in RA history.


              I was fortune to barely go sub 18 twice, once in the spring and fall, due to running my highest mileage year ever. That's what it takes if you are on the bubble.


              If you are a glutton for failure check out the 2015 thread.






              Age Been sub-18  Date  
              Aged Trackrat 56 Yes (July 2013)  5/3/14  Random Race  17:56  official
              AmoresPerros M Yes        
              alizuk   Yes (2011)        
              austin18 18 Yes        
              blargendarg 38 Yes (Sept 2013)        Ran Long instead
              captainsaver 29 No        
              chriskrycho 26 No        
              ctingyu08 28 No        Runner's Knee
              Diamond J 36 Oh yeah.        
              flatfooter 40 No        
              gitgantraining 31 No        
              Hipfan 40 No        
              huskerrunner 38 Yes (Oct 2012)  9/13    17:31  
              Josh Sutcliffe 38 Yes (June 2012)        
              jEfFgObLuE 43 'No'        
              JWhit 39 No        
              Kcoates1223 26 No        
              kencamet 52 Yes (Aug 2012)        
              kmark 30 No        
              Lagwagen 42 No        
              Mendeldave 37 No        
              michaelmarty     9/20   17:46 Wants to go faster
              montag 27 No        
              mnyce 32 No        
              Mpls Laker 41 No        
              NaderAlfie 36 No        
              PotemkinDogs 21 Kinda, but not really        
              Quint 45 No        Ran out of time
              Rick_Stone 43 No        
              roots 42 Yes (2011)        
              setantae 37 No        
              stadjak 41 No        
              Tweeeked 26 No        Ran out of time
              vercingetorix 33 No        
              wheatfeet 38 No        
              xhristopher 40 Yes (Mar 2011)  3/30/14  An Ras Mor (Cambridge, MA)  17:49.06  USATF NE GP Race = Fast Field


              People who should run some track workouts until they can string three 5:48 miles together.

              bhearn - Ran longer stuff instead

              jpdeaux - Audited the class then asked for a refund

                I spent what felt like the entire year injured, so never really had a go at this.  Will try again in 2015, good luck all!

                Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.

                Northstar Running

                  I didn't even come close despite a solid mileage year. Sub 18 is a pretty lofty goal for me and the 5k races I ran this year all ended up on warm days. If I stand a chance of doing this, I will have to set a specific timeframe in the fall and do a buildup and taper, and hope for cool weather.