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    If you just read Spin Dr, you will see that he is my cute little brother. I've been telling him for years that I wanted to come down to San Diego and run the rock & roll marathon by the ocean. No oceans in Utah. I'm 43 and taught aerobics for 18 years after gaining weight and fighting it out of high school. With three daughters, life became more and more complex until I could only teach at 5:30am which is for the birds (not even the birds are up at 5:30am and neither am I). I started running a little with a distant goal of running a marathon. My friends started running last year. We were only running short miles and decided to run a training circuit. As the miles got more and more, we decided to run a marathon. I did two last year. Each time at mile 18 my knee hurt so bad and so did my achilles and hip. Up to that point I felt great. I retired from marathon running and had to call my brother and tell him no San Diego marathon for me. I told him I'd run a 1/2 so I signed up to come down and do the La Jolla CA 1/2 in April. It's time to start training again. We opened a Subway in October which helped me train while we were building because it gave me something to think about and has hindered my training since. Now it's time to get back into a routine. The year looked really good until my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly the first part of January so Sat. Jan 27 was my first time back running and it had to be on a treadmill because the weather is in the teen's right now and I ran once at 5 degrees which was really really cold. Looking forward to training with you! Keep smilin always! Big grin P.S. Yep the two people in the picture are my cute little brother and me.
    Here's to you little brother!
      Welcome to our "home" very happy to have you herer. The weather here is cold too. Scheduled 2 miler today but I don't think so. Weather Bug says temp it 14 with a wind chills in the neg numbers.

      To paraphrase an old poster: Today is the first day of the rest of your training. It doesn’t matter where you started or how far you’ve come. Today is the day. Your training didn’t start 6 weeks ago. Your training started the last time you hit the road. John “the Penguin” Bingham Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire

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        Hey, Shel! Nice to have you here! I keep badgering (heh, we're born cheeseheads, so we don't use the term *nag* in our family, LOL) my own cute little brother to join RA, but right now he's in grad school and works full time, so his runs rarely exceed 3 miles just a couple of times/week. We are planning to run the Chicago marathon together in a couple of years, so I know I'll get him over here eventually. Big grin k

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          Heyho and welcome to the board! Big grin I'm in New Zealand so we are in the middle of summer so I am having opposite issues with running and climate than everyone else! Stay warm and well done on starting running again. Claire xxx
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            Shel, Well what do you know, you made it. Cool! How's your running been going? You can see my log that yes i've been running, minus a few days to take care of Jen and the Boy. This is an awesome site, and although I have only been on here a week, I have learned so much and I love being able to track my running and see others who are training too. Biggest thing is that rest is almost as important as running. Well, you know me; I've got the resting part down cold. J