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    Reading the weekly check-in thread every week it seems there are a few of us looking to run a half this fall. I was just curious if you have any plan or training schedule you are going to follow. I am currently planning on running the Newport-Liberty HM in Jersey City, NJ on 9/28. I'm currently building toward 30 mpw, running mostly easy runs, until July when I start my planned 12 week training program. I have loosely put together a schedule I plan on following which will max out at 35 mpw +/- and will be changed slightly to fit in some races over the period leading up to my half. Does anyone else have any plans at this time?
      If I can stop getting hurt (currently wrestling with an IT band problem) I'm hoping to run a half in the first part of November. I'm making my own schedule for it since I've not found one to suit my needs yet.

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        I actually have planned on a HM for late Sep. I also have registered for an 8 miler on Mackinac Island (MI). I haven't started any training program as of yet for the HM. I guess I should start looking to start around mid June. It will be my first HM so I am pretty excited about it. I just purchased the book " Half-Marathon, you can do it" Author:Jeff Galloway.


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          I was using Higdon's novice plan for HMs, but I didn't like it that he has you stop at 10 miles. I'm the type who wants to run the full distance ahead of time, so I know I can do it! Right now I'm at about 31 miles per week. I think I will look for another plan.
            Wow Theresa you will definetly not have a problem completing your HM, looks like your training is going well and you still have over 4 months to go. What type of mileage do you plan on doing leading upto the HM?
              I'm still planning on doing a half in october but now I'm not sure I'm going to be able to . My mileage is low but I have enough time to build slowly to at least 10 mile long runs and one 12 before the race. Still I don't feel as comfortable as I did a month ago with the idea since I lost so much time to the wedding etc. I'm going to see how the next month of training goes and decide in June if I'm going to sign up. I definitely won't be "racing" it either way but i want to be able to run it with some degree of confidence!!
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                Theresa when are you planning to run you half? You could do one right now based on your log! that's awesome! Sure looks like you need a more advanced plan!
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                  Good reminder! I'm planning to do a half the first weekend of November, so I guess it is time to start thinking about making sure I have a training plan that will get me there. Especially because I know from expereince that I need to build mileage verrrrrrry sssssllllloooowwwwlllllyyyyy to avoid injury. Cindy -- I think your plan to reevaluate in June is good, but either way you've definitely got time to get ready for a half in October. I've heard good things about Higdon, and I'm comfortable taking something like that and modifying it as a I need. I don't feel a real need to do much speedwork, since I'm more about getting the miles in than beating any time. Speedwork may come once I have a more solid base, but it also leads to injury for me. Any other plans to recommend?

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                    I'm running the Maine Coast HM on September 21. It's all women, except for one lucky guy who gets in through a lottery! It's only the second year for the race, but my friends who ran it last year said it was a lot of fun. I'm like you, Anne, I have to increase my mileage slowly. I don't have the endurance to jump up much at one time! pjm, I know everyone says you should be able to run a HM if you can do 10 miles, but my 10.5 was so HARD yesterday, I can't imagine making it another 2.6 miles beyond that! I'm 45, and a NON-athlete, so I'm taking this slowly. I couldn't even run 1/4-mile a year and a half ago. I'll probably look at Higdon's intermediate plan to get ideas for speed work, etc. I'm hoping to do about 35 miles per week as much as possible. pjm and others, have you looked at the HM user's group? It's a friendly bunch of people. Good luck, everyone!!
                      pjm and others, have you looked at the HM user's group? It's a friendly bunch of people.
                      I joined the group awhile back, but haven't posted much there since my HM was so far off. I should start to pick their brains a little though now that I am thinking about my training plan.
                        I'm training for the MCM in October, but here is a good link for a training philosophy that I have followed with some personal success. http://www.teamoregon.com/publication/online/marathon/contents.html I know it is for marathon training, and the end milage seems unbelievable high, what is noteworthy about this program is its training fundamentals that i feel work for both 1/2's and whole marathons. Take a look, if you like the content and can use it great, if it is not your cup of tea then that's cool too. I would definately modify the end distance and work at a much slower progression than suggested for the full marathon. I like it, use it and feel that it works well for me. If you only take away some pearls of wisdom about training and overtraining, then at least you got some use out of it. Good luck! Karl

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                          Thanks, Karl, I will check it out! Teresa
                            I'm planning on running my 1/2 on Oct 19th in Columbus, Ohio. Right now I have no plan for training. Blush Guess I need to start thinking about a plan. Roll eyes

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                              I just signed up for a half marathon that is going to be in the beginning of september. Don't have a plan for that yet, but I'm training for a 15K race in July, so I'm hoping that my training for that will help going into training for the half. If you find a good plan - please let me know. As I've just been skimming any plan I come across and have no clear or definate idea of what is good or not.