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    Last year, we had a great list of states, provinces, and countries we ran in. Shall we start it again (especially since I added two states this past week)? Here's a list of states and provinces. There are two many countries to make a list here, but just write down the ones you've run in this year. MTA: I've run in Maryland, New York, Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Below are all the states we've represented. Alabama Smile Alaska Smile American Samoa Arizona Smile Arkansas California Smile Colorado Smile Connecticut Smile Delaware Smile District of Columbia Smile Florida Smile Georgia Smile Guam Hawaii Smile Idaho Smile Illinois Indiana Smile Iowa Kansas Smile Kentucky Smile Louisiana Smile Maine Smile Maryland Smile Massachusetts Smile Michigan Minnesota Smile Mississippi Smile Missouri Smile Montana Smile Nebraska Nevada Smile New Hampshire Smile New Jersey Smile New Mexico New York Smile North Carolina Smile North Dakota Northern Marianas Islands Ohio Smile Oklahoma Smile Oregon Smile Pennsylvania Smile Puerto Rico Rhode Island Smile South Carolina Smile South Dakota Smile Tennessee Smile Texas Smile Utah Vermont Smile Virginia Smile Virgin Islands Washington Smile West Virginia Smile Wisconsin Smile Wyoming Smile Canada Ontario Smile Toronto Wink Ottawa Wink Kingston Wink Quebec Smile Montreal Wink British Columbia Smile Victoria B.C. Wink Alberta Smile Manitoba Saskatchewan Smile Nova Scotia New Brunswick Smile Newfoundland and Labrador Prince Edward Island Northwest Territories Yukon Nunavut Other Countries Antigua Smile Jolly Harbur Wink Australia Smile Sydney Wink Dubbo Wink Bahamas Smile Egypt Smile England Smile London Wink France Smile Paris Wink Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer Wink Pyrenees Wink Biarritz Wink Germany Smile India Smile Calcutta Wink New Dehli Wink Ireland Smile Dublin Wink Tralee Wink Clonmel Wink Italia Smile Venice Wink Japan Smile New Zealand Smile Auckland, Wellington Wink Rotorua (Vegas) Wink Greymouth Wink Gisborne Yes Reefton Wink Inangihua Wink Punakaiki Wink Ngatimoti Wink Motueka Wink The Netherlands Smile Amsterdam Wink Scotland Smile Ayrshire Wink South Africa Smile Cape Town Wink Spain Smile Astigarraga Wink Barrika Wink Sweden Smile

      So far this year I've ran in Alberta Georgia Florida and Wyoming They were all training runs Only race so far was a 1/2 marathon in Red Deer Alberta on the 18th of May.
        Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona
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          So far this year - Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri


            Virginia District of Columbia Maryland

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              i've run in washington state, hawaii, new york state, and sweden fwiw susan (whose summer miles will all be by the swedish fjord)


                Alaska (Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks) and Texas (San Antonio). Not many but they are the biggest states.
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                Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

                  Hmmm.....I'm probably only to have Oregon on my list. Jilly Gig, how do you travel so much? MTA I get it. You are the master list keeper. Well, then check off the Beaver State! Wink
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                    Isn't Kurt Vonegut from there? (My sense of humor relies on dated, sometimes obscure references. I'm kinda like the Dennis Miller of the running world. Does anybody get it?)

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                      You can add MAINE! That's where I live and run, run, run... Oh, and VERMONT, too. Ran there during February vacation.

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                        Only Colorado so far this year, but I expect to add Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska & South Dakota to that list by Summer's end Smile Had to go to MN instead... Sad but I got a short run in there Wink
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                            Ohio, Kentucky, California

                            2012 Goals: No Injuries Run 1000 miles Bayshore Marathon- May Indy Full Marathon-October


                              Ayrshire, Scotland. Paris, France.


                                Sydney, Australia Dubbo, Australia

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