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    Hi everyone, I just joined the group because I have my sights set on my first 10K sometime in Spring 08. Ive only been running since Summer 07. I started first for weight loss, but quickly became addicted. I was running an 11mm, but started to have some ankle pain so dropped it down to about a 12+mm. I'm still trying to builld a good base, so I know the slower the better. I wanted to post my schedule here and see if anyone can help with any comments. I just started this schedule b/c as my miles increased, the day was shortening and I have a very unusual work schedule that wont allow much running. Heres my new sched: Sunday - Interval run for approx 3 miles or 35mins Monday - Weight train (working day) Tuesday - Weight train (working day) Wednesday - Rest (working day) Thursday - Easy or Tempo run 3 - 4miles Friday - Long Run (currently up to 6 miles) Sat - Rest My work sched is tricky b/c I work 4 night shifts in a row consisting of 1 day of 7 hours, and 3 consec 11 hr shifts. That is why Mon-Wed there is no running, it just isnt possible after I wake up, make dinner, walk dogs, etc. I'm not real familiar with any technical aspects of running, but I do know to slowly increase my mileage and that speed will come eventually. Can anybody give me any feedback on this schedule? Does it look ok or am I pushing it too much? Should I increase my mileage every week, or every 2? Thanks in advance! Also, before I forget, I have only run 2 5ks, one of which got really screwed up and "didn't count" My first 5k in Sept was done in 38:45, and then I ran a 5mile during Thanksgiving with a time of 58:02.
      Hi cewicjbem, At this stage my adivce would be very simple--just run as much as you can. I think it's too early to be doing intervals. They are much more effective once you have built up a decent mileag base. What you could do would be to throw in a few pickups of about 30 seconds each during one of your easy runs each week. I'd start out with 4 of them and work up to 8. After a month or so you could bump these up to twice a week. If you work up gradually and stay with it, there is a good chance that you will have fewer aches and pains, such as the one in your ankle you mentioned. The body tends to adapt. And finally, there is nothing better for running than running. If you want to be a better runner and have the option between it an lifting weights, going for a run will give you a better return on your time. That being said, cross training can be helpful, and many good runners do some, but it is always as a supplement rather than a replacement. Good luck to you, Jim
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        cewicjbem It sounds like you and I are in the same "place." I started running last Oct., injuried my ankle in March from a fall and the doctor just released me to run at the the end of Aug. I started out with walk/run and then run/walk and now "run." My goal is to just put in easy mileage as the weather permits and then weight training on the says I can not get out. My hubby who use to coach cross country has also gave me the the same advice Jim just did. He wants no speed work done just pick me ups and increase my base. I'm looking for several 10K to run this Spring, but have not found any yet. It seems like they have 5K or HM. Sad So I'm looking......

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