10K Training Group, 8K's are welcome too


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Marquess of Utopia

    I have two goals this year are to run faster 10k's and Half marathons. So I crushed my 1/2 marathon goal for the year this weekend on a partially hilly course. My goal was 1:24:00, and I completed the race in 1:22:00. Now I want to break my 9 year old PR in the Half (1:20:12). My next 1/2 marathon in September will be on a flat course. I was thinking about either starting a half marathon training group or expanding the 10K training group to include Races from an 8K to 21.1K... What do you guys think?
      there's already a half marathon training group - its actually a lot more active than this one. why don't you come and join that? http://www.runningahead.com/groups/hmt/

      Marquess of Utopia

        Cool I was just searching for half marthon and couldn't find it. Thanks for the link.