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October goals (Read 622 times)

    I've got two goals for October:

    1. Enjoy the ebbing of the yeartide

    2. Stick to a realistic though somewhat monotonous training plan that will give me exactly 126 miles for the month


    I've got no races scheduled, though I'm planning to volunteer at Steamtown.

    Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

      1.  160+ miles

      2.  Stay healthy until race day

      3.  sub 1:45 HM on 10/30




      "I aim to misbehave."

        1.)  Qualify for Boston - October 17th - Baystate Marathon (3:20:59)



        Thats pretty much it.  I'll be happy if I'm running the next day because I plan to put everything I have into that race and hold my 7:40 pace until I either cross the finish line or fall down and cant move (or both).

          1. BQ at Baystate (3:15)

          2. Less than 200 miles.

          3. More sleep / Better diet - at least until 10/17


          I think I can handle number 2 but number 1 & 3 will be tough.


          <Had to go back and add #3 which is key to #1. Not so much for #2, which I might fail at anyway.>

          Just a dude.

            My goals:


            1. 275 miles

            2. <18:30 5k on Oct 9

            3. Lots of hills



            Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 


              160 miles


              Running is stupid

              Imminent Catastrophe

                Crazy Horse Marathon (done), Detroit Marathon, lots of trail/hill miles, don't get injured. Vague enough? It's mainly a workup to December and January which are big months for me. 

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                  200 miles +

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                    1. BQ at Baystate (3:15)

                    2. Less than 200 miles.

                    3. More sleep / Better diet - at least until 10/17


                    I think I can handle number 2 but number 1 & 3 will be tough.


                    <Had to go back and add #3 which is key to #1. Not so much for #2, which I might fail at anyway.>





                    I dont think #2 is going to be any issue for you at all.  You've got some serious training in - and your Half time last week was awesome.  You should have no problem with a 3:15.  In fact, I'd hazard to guess that if you just held that pace and finished in 3:15 that you'll have a lot left in your tank.  I think you could be under 3:10 if you wanted.


                    I could use a bit of #3 myself.



                      That half was both a blessing and a curse. Having already run 4 half marathon or longer races this year I thought I knew what the recovery cycle looed like. Nine days later the soreness is still evident, though subsiding. I don't think running a half as a solid workout / dress rehearsal 3 weeks out is necessarily a bad thing but throwing all caution to the wind, taking huge risks, and running a "break through" race a couple steps above what I'm used to on such a long race just three weeks before my "A" race was somewhat problematic. Since I can't trust myself not to actually race while running a race I might avoid scheduling anything longer than a 10K in the 4 weeks before marathons in the future. 


                      Let this be a warning to all. Learn from your successes and others mistakes.


                      I'll probably have my act together for Baystate. No doubt I've dinged my peak form, especially if I wanted to run a more aggressive race. I've got to believe that there is still enough in the tank for my original goal. The irony is that I'd never know that a more aggressive target might have been realistic without running that half. You learn so much in races that you can't in training.


                      Good luck to everyone here with those Fall goals!

                        October Goals:


                        1. 200 miles

                        2. drop a few lbs.

                        3. log 25 runs & catch the GD DMN bunny.

                        nothing to see here.  

                          I will also add "catch the bunny".  I will actually catch the bunny on my 16 miler on Friday.  I should actually put some pretty good distance on the little F'er before the end of the year.



                          "I aim to misbehave."

                            I plan on catching the bunny in October and finally running 225 for the month... or at least that is what I'm thinking today. Hope springs eternal!

                            Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

                            Message me!




                              I think I'll try for 150-160.


                              AND...I really need to race a 5k or a 10K.  I need a speedy race under my belt, this long distance stuff is defeating.


                              A Saucy Wench

                                Run a continuous mile without ending up back a square 1.  That is the sum total of my goals for October.

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