2000 miles of frantic, chicken-bone-armed, streaking weirdos


1/5 cane creek marathon course
5.24 mi. Added by iceman (6/29/2010)
5 circles = marathon
Baystate Marathon
26.2 mi. Added by mikeymike (9/27/2010)
Where half the swamp will be racing on Oct 17.
gramercy/lutcher bridge
13.35 mi. Added by dfbourg (2/20/2011)
bridge across the mississippi river in south louisiana
Marathon - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey
26.2 mi. Added by Trent (2/4/2007)
A real race
Marathon - Pikes Peak
26.2 mi. Added by Trent (2/4/2007)
Real miles. Hard Miles. Eat these.
mardi gras mambo
6.2 mi. Added by dfbourg (2/7/2011)
Radnor Lake
7.73 mi. Added by another one (9/13/2013)