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Weekly mileage check-in - week of 28 April (Read 204 times)

Imminent Catastrophe

    8 miles along the Hudson in NYC, 34th street to Ground Zero and back. Nice run on a nice day. Where's Hobbes? Crabby, fyrfytr: nice races! Ennay: 22 in two days. Way to go!

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    "The most common question from potential entrants is 'I do not know if I can do this' to which I usually answer, 'that's the whole point'.--Paul Charteris, Tarawera Ultramarathon RD.


    √ Javelina Jundred Jalloween 2015

    Cruel Jewel 50 mile May 2016

    Western States 100 June 2016

    A Saucy Wench

      Oh yes...very nice race Crabby! I missed that! fyrfytr - for a minute I thought maybe you had done the same race I did. tough course, and I can tell you are not terribly far from here. Smile

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        28.5 so far, with 4-5 planned for later today.
        Did 4.75 easy w/strides today... ended up with 33.3 for the week (new high for me!).