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Runs & Workouts Week Ending 04/07/2013 (Read 13 times)

Art in AZ

    6 miles this morning with a few chin-ups in the middle when I got a drink of water. Part of the run was on the canal path and a truck decided to cut through and created a lot of dust. Nothing like being covered in dust trying to run. Since there was no wind, the dust just hung in the air. Kind of like running in the fog.

    Art in AZ

    Mesa, AZ

      Chantilly - 12.5!  Awesome!


      Rich (NH) - you're turning into a sprinting fool!  Love it!  Good workout!  I would have been gasping for air at the end and in between as well!


      Art - 6 miles along the canal.  Sounds pleasant - minus the dust!


      4.7 miles today in 38:50.  As you might have guessed it was a bit cooler today 66F and overcast with a nice stiff breeze.  Fortunately it was behind me on the 2nd half of the run.



        9 miles around town earlier this evening.  50 degrees and sunny so it was shorts and a double layer of tech tees for the run!  Not as many hills as earlier this week but still about 2500' of elly gain & loss for the run.

        NH Runner





          Everybody's running nicely still.  Ray, your achilles must be doing better, that's good news.


          I ran the 8 miler I'd put off running yesterday.  The wind's still blowing, but I went ahead and ran the thing anyway.  Warmed for 2 miles, ran the next 4 at tempo effort, then cooled for 2.  Splits were 9:12, 8:59, 8:34, 8:37, 8:38, 8:39, 9:27 and 9:27.   A tough run with the wind blowing, but I think I got the effort right.


          Ray... you're supposed to be out of breath during the sprint sessions I'm doing, they're meant to improve your body's ability to process oxygen.  The idea is to increase the number of sprints by 1 each week until I get to 20, then the workout changes to 1 minute sprints with a 1 minute break between.  They do work, but it takes a while to see results...

            adkkev - 9 miles with rolling hills.  I think I'll stick to my routes...


            Rich(NH) - Oh, I know!  One of the reasons I dislike intervals.  Used to run Corporate Cup races and for much of the time I was a "sprinter", got to do the final 200 meters of a pyramid relay.  We were perennial national champs for our size company. The guy who ran the gym was our track coach.  2 to 3 track workouts a week - I hated them...But, I did get faster!


            Achilles is much better, knob is gone and generalized swelling is nearly gone.  Dynamic stretches and ice is working nicely.  Only wish the left leg would improve as quickly...


            6.23 miles today at an easy pace, 57:14.  Cloudy and cool today 64F.



              Hills can be fun!  They have to be ... 'cause there aren't too many "flat" places to run in town.


              6.5 miles earlier this evening ... kinda breezy and the temp was dropping but I ran in shorts anyway.  We've had bouts of snowflurries since the sun went down ... winter just doesn't want to let go I guess!

              Art in AZ

                About 8.5 miles this morning at a steady pace with 3 inclines this time. Sunny with temps in the upper 50s and a slight breeze.


                Ray - I admit it is nice to run along the canal. It is usually quiet and not many people about. Which is both good and bad. It looks like your times are improving.


                adkkev - For me to run hills, I have to drive about 30 - 40 minutes depending on which I want to run. Being on the edge of the Superstition Mountains offers a lot of different trails. Most can be run but some I would not.


                Rich - When I add sprints to my run, they leave me a little breathless also. I usually run them when I feel "good". Otherwise I just run whatever pace feels comfortable.


                Enjoy the weekend everyone.

                Art in AZ

                Mesa, AZ

                  Art - Sounds like another good workout!


                  adkkev - In the right proportion hills can be fun.  2500' of up and down sounds more like work, but you'll definitely get in shape!


                  15.1 today in 2:16:15, 9:03mpm.  Cool and sunny most of the run, little overcast at the end about 60-62F.  First 11 or 12 felt pretty good, still felt reasonable at 13.  14 and 15 were a grind.  Light breakfast and 2 gus (6 miles and 10.5).



                  NH Runner


                    In keeping with my routine lately of 3 days of running, then a day of cross training, I didn't run today.  Crossed trained though, the usual push-ups, sit-ups, planks, side planks and 10 resistance band exercises.  2 sets.


                    You guys are logging some serious miles lately, wow!


                    I need to get my butt going too, I've got a half marathon that's coming fast...

                      SRD for me today ... family time.


                      Nice run rmcj!!

                      NH Runner





                        Ran the railtrail again to get out of the wind.  Conditions are improving on the trail, I ran a 5 mile out & back for 10 total.  Splits were mid 10's...


                          Friday was an easy 2 miles.

                          Saturday off

                          Sunday 6 miles.

                          We also had more snow.

                          "and you will run your time,

                          a shooting star across the sky

                          and you will surely cross the line."

                          Manfred Mann





                            6.25 miles on the nature trail today.  Saw two beavers in the old Erie Canal on my way back to the car.  My wife walked while I ran & saw a bald eagle in a tree along the trail.  Lots of turtles in the canal today too.  Big grin

                            Art in AZ

                              Did a quick 4 miles on Saturday morning. Wife and her daughter decided to go shopping so the boys and I went to the park. Great day to be outside.


                              Today, Sunday, did 10 miles in the morning and then spent the day between doing yard work, gardening and working on car.


                              adkkev - I think seeing a bald eagle would be so cool. Only different bird I have seen was a red-headed turkey vulture. It was sitting on a high electrical tower watching some smaller birds.


                              Ray - nice distance of 15 miles.

                              Art in AZ

                              Mesa, AZ

                                A busy week for me. I took off Monday as a rest day after the six days straight of running at the end of March. I had to work a double shift overnight and needed to sleep Tuesday. So my next runs were about 3 on Wednesday and 4 on Thursday. My long run was Friday, 8.8 miles. The course is basically a uphill run with a gentle grade, going up 150 feet from mile 2 to mile 6 and then downhill from mile 7 to the end. Temp was 50 degrees, mostly overcast. I finished in 1:33:31 , a 10:37 pace. The last time I ran this course was on Feb 1st with a 11:43 pace, so I have picked up some speed in the last two months! Cool I do feel stronger, tried to keep a steady pace and even did a little sprint at the end. The next day, Saturday, I had to get up early for work and after work my irregular sleep caught up with me and I was just too tired for a run. Sunday I managed to do another short run of 3 miles, not very fast. This week was an easy week to recover from doing over 40 miles the previous week. Still, it was easier then I intended since I only ran on 4 days and only completed 20 miles, half of the week before. Interesting that despite the low millage I did feel some twinges of pain in my knee and ankle joints that I did not feel the week before. Also, my leg muscles still feel a bit sore and stiff. I am not too concerned with those pains, I know that they are from my increased training. More bothersome is a ongoing pain in the joint from my foot to my left big toe, which does not seem to be getting any better. Fortunately, it does not seem to affect my running, but it does get more sore after a long run. This coming week I have some days off and will try to get in more millage, plus do a nice long run in the 12 to 15 mile range!