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Runs & Workouts Week Ending 4/28/13 (Read 10 times)


    8 miles on the sidewalk/side of the street  done early. Saw a couple of dog-walkers and one runner. Very little traffic.

    "and you will run your time,

    a shooting star across the sky

    and you will surely cross the line."

    Manfred Mann





    NH Runner





      Tempo run explained... http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/your-perfect-tempo?page=single


      Saturday was a day off, today I ran 10 miles on the railtrail at an easy pace. Beautiful day, temperature hit 72 degrees with just a slight breeze and lots of sunshine.


      The railtrail follows a local river and at one point I saw a bunch of people canoeing.  What's weird is they were all standing up... in canoes!  I'd probably last about 10 seconds doing that...lol


      Anglers were flyfishing, people riding bikes or walking their dogs.  It was great...

      Art in AZ

        Did about 8.5 miles this morning. Started about 6:30 AM while it was still somewhat cool. Temps upper 60s and low 70s.

        Art in AZ

        Mesa, AZ