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baked potato soup (Read 281 times)

    I wanna try this out and was just wondering if I could do this in the crock pot??  I screend a few recipes online, but didnt find any for crock potting.  I'm lazy.  anyone know?

    12 Monkeys

      I have never made it, but I suspect you could.  What variation on the recipe are you using?  I only worry a little bit about the high starch scorching and sticking to the sides.  One way to find out.

        Ok sorry it took me so long to post back. I made the soup - it was soooo good!! I decided to cook it the way the recipe called for, as I didnt want a disaster to happen and have wasted my time on it if it didnt work out in the crock pot.


        I used: skim milk, light cream, sour cream, baked potatoes, bacon, cheese, flour, parsley, onion, and I decided to add broccoli at the last minute for some veggie servings.  It took a long time to make as I had the baby in my arms the whole time so I'm sure it might actually be a quick meal, just not this time around.


        I dont think I could do this in the crock pot though - I'm afraid the potatoes will turn to mush and the soup wouldnt get thick like it has to.   But anyway, I froze 4 extra servings of it for another day when I dont have time to cook.  We'll see how well it holds up

          Chrissy, if you still want to try it, google crock pot potatoe soup.  I just did & got quite a few results.  I'd think you could do it!