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Do you have names for places on your frequent routes? (Read 118 times)

    A few of mine:


    The Burn House - has a huge stand-alone woodburner/shed thing outside that belches acrid smoke all winter long.  I'm curious as to how it works, guessing circulated hot water to the main structures.


    Dale Gribble's - The owner looks the part and has political signs out on his property.  Yup, "Don't Tread On Me" flag.


    Rock'n'Roll Mule Farm - It's a farm with mules and classic rock is often floating loudly from the barn.  Very original, I know.


    Big Mother - not named by me, this is the steep hill on my park loop.  There's an unspoken third word that is implicitly understood among area runners.


    The Moonglade - a valley down by the creek on my suburban trips that is always cooler than the surrounding air, and full of fireflies at this time of year.


      My road is a country out-and-back, so not much to see.


      Stalker House- Special needs guy who has harassed me before, I tend to avoid his end of the road.


      Roadkill of the Day- This location tends to change frequently.


      Soy and Corn fields forever.


      Your area sounds more interesting Smile


        Dale Gribble's - The owner looks the part and has political signs out on his property.  Yup, "Don't Tread On Me" flag.


        Sounds like a cool guy.


        The only name i have is for a 1/2 block stretch in downtown chicago along the river that has about a 10% incline. I call it "heartbreak hill". Seriously that's what I call it in my head. Joke never gets old.

        Will run for scenery.

          The Barr Trail up Pike's Peak  starts with a long series of switchbacks up a steep scruby slope.  The trail is very narrow and there's no way to take more than half a step to the side.  It's all very exposed.  Eventually the trail makes it up onto a ridge and suddenly widens out a bit and the switchbacks end.  Just off the trail is an impressive group of narrow vertical boulders like 15 feet tall that used to remind me of Stonehenge.  Then one time I made the unwise decision to walk over and explore them a bit.  Now my name for the formation is "The Not-So-Porta Potty"  Undecided

          Stupid feet!

          Stupid elbow!


          Squidward Bike Rider

            I admit I'm not very creative...just "Around the neighborhood" and the actual names of the local trails and parks.


              I've never done this but I'm so intrigued by the idea.  Usually I house shop/critique while running but this will now be on my agenda during my next run.

              Hip Redux

                You have some interesting places to run, Jay!


                We have various loops named from our house, but nothing terribly exciting.   I have my 4-mile hilly loop, the 3 mile loop named for the main street I cross, Mr. Oski's hilly route...there's also  "Oski's seven miler" - which is what my husband named it because now he does it more than I do but I was the one who first ran it, stuff like that.    Snoozeville. lol



                  I use actual names of areas except my first route. 2 years ago we moved back near where I grew up, and my first 6 mile route is outside my door.


                    My routes are usually named for the park / neighborhood.  The only name I have given to a place is Big Bertha.  She's a nastly hill I force myself to tackle occasionally.


                    Follower of Forrest

                      I do this...


                      I start my run up Howland Hill (street name), go along the brick co-ops and hang a left, past the guy who needs to trim his trees, past the weed lawn, hang a right at the gaudy house.  Turn again, past marathon lady's house, past the waving old man, around the"horn".  Turn right, over the broken sidewalk.  Right again, down cop's hill, right on the 'boulevard', left at the "bee-hive" (fire alarm bell), turn at the pond house, up the 5k finish, then back home.


                      Most of my routes are divided up like that in my head...I have lots of "names" which mean nothing to anyone but me.

                      6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                      A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                        The Eyesore

                        Goat Hill

                        Blessed Bathroom

                        Deadman's Corner

                        Mother's Beach

                        Heavenly Restroom

                        One more Mile


                        Running is stupid


                          I run out and back a lot on our local trail, and the landmarks tend to be nothing special - Airport road, Aspen Veterinary, the house with the wooden airplane on a pole, two-mile tree, the asphalt plant, the bench at mile three, the bridge at 5K.


                          One interesting tidbit that very few people know about however is the big chunk of basalt rock at mile 1, and how it got there. Ten or 15 years ago, whenever it was that they widened the highway alongside the trail from 2 lanes to 4, the road construction folks had to do some blasting of the basalt rock on the far side of the highway. They used just a little bit more explosives than they really needed, and the blast buried the trail in basalt debris, and did some major damage to the new wooden pedestrian bridge just before mile 1. The road crew cleaned up the mess, and somebody eventually repaired the wooden bridge, but they left behind one particularly large chunk of basalt, sitting there in the weeds on the side of the road all by itself, and very conveniently just a foot or 2 past what I consider to be the one-mile point on my out and back runs.  I think about this every time I run past that rock, and I'm very glad they left it behind when they cleaned up the rest of the blast mess.


                          Wickedly Average

                            Well, there is dogpatch, one of my normal running routes. You'll never guess why I named it that!

                            Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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                              Dog Poop Park: It's actually Jacob's Island, but it's a huge dog park, and no one picks up after their dogs.


                              Brown Mountain: It's actually Blue Mountain, but it's always covered in dog crap and horse crap.


                              The Unofficial Kim Williams Trail:  It's actually not a trail, but an illegal single track mountain bike course that was constructed parallel to the Kim Williams Trail, and I love running on it.


                              Four: A four mile route that I regularly run that is in the shape of the number 4.


                              North Street Bridge: It's actually the McClay Bridge, but calling it the North St. Bridge helps me to remember how to get there.


                              High-Five-to Jesus: A tiny cemetery that I pass where there is an enormous statue of Jesus in the middle.  The first time I ever ran 10 miles was on Easter, and I stopped there to rest.  I remembered it was Easter, so I went up & gave Jesus a high-five, and had a "communion" of gatorade and gummy fruit snacks.  This is all very funny to me since I'm not religious at all.


                              There are probably more, but that's all I can think of right now.


                              Skirt Runner

                                I also used to have a "Heartbreak Hill" in the park near my old apartment.


                                I have "The Skunky Zone" because there is a section of one of my running routes that always smells bad and I am not too sure why, but it smells like a mix of skunk and poo. There is a asphalt path that loops in a large oval around 2 baseball fields in the park I run in a lot and it is about the size of a track, and in my head I refer to it as "The Baseball Track." I have to run up stairs at some point on a lot of my routes, because the park I run in has a few sets, and they one is "The Rocky Stairs" and another is "The Random Stairs" (because I think that part of the park could have managed fine with just a path and not had to make it stupid stairs)...I don't think I call the other ones anything in my head, but I don't run them as much as the other 2. Then I have "The Path of Death" because there is part of one of the paths that is really overgrown and has a lot of pot holes and cracks.

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