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I'm throwing out my Training Schedule (Read 339 times)



    Sounds good!


    My recommendation was only to keep the plans close so you can brainstorm with them when you decide your next week or your next run.  Like what does Hal Higdon/Pfitz, etc. recommends on a week like this.


    Oh yeah, I def. agree with this. My boyfriend usually says hey lets run 10 this weekend or 13 or he had 16 already scheduled.  I guess you can say he's kind of my coach for my "speed work" and long runs.  During the week I'm on my own.  So far so good though.

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      Right, I mean of course I'm going to train for my future runs but I'm just not going to follow a set schedule.  I plan on building up my weekly milage and set goals along the way.


      I posted this at RW and they were all over me about not following a schedule.  I guess they took it as I wasn't going to train at all or something.  I'm not trying to put down anyone but I'm not sure I like the vibe over there. 


      That's all I've done.  I've steadily increased my mileage, and set goals for myself, but I don't have a plan that says I need to run x on this day.  If I get out there and I'm just not feeling it, then I run slow, or cut it short.  Likewise, if I'm feeling good, then I'll let my legs go (like last night), or I'll add a few extra miles. 


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        I haven't followed a training schedule in years but I do have some idea about what I'm trying to develop whether that's speed, strength, endurance or stamina and I focus my workouts on whatever I think is my weakest area.  I'll keep my focus there for 6-8 weeks before turning to another aspect.  

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