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Race Report and Photos: End Of The World 5K (Read 220 times)


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    On Saturday, Dec 22, 2012, I participated in the End Of The World 5K in Seguin, Texas.  Below is the link to my report and photos I did on this event.  Please feel free to share the report and photos.


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      Scotty - I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but I'm sure she was with you the entire way today.  Any mother would be proud to know that her son brought as much joy to the world as you do.  Congrats on finishing another 5k, and writing another great RR.  I'm glad you were able to get out there, and enjoy a good run and cold beverage.


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        Sorry to hear about your mom, Scotty.  I know how good running can be for stressors and personal issues.  I'm sure it has helped you along the way and more today.  Hugs.



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          I am so sorry, Scotty, May your mom rest in peace and may you keep great memories of her.


            Scott, I am so sorry about your mother. Just last week, you wrote something about your parents, here, which was very loving and showed your gratitude towards them. You were a good son to your mom, I'm quite sure. And her a loving mom to you.


            Is is weird that now I recognize people in your race reports before I even read their names? Such as Luke, Bernadette and Ed... Big grin All great people. You survived this race very nicely, congratulations my friend!

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              Awww, Scotty, I am so very sorry to hear the news about your Mother.  My thoughts are with you and your whole family.

                Scotty - will keep your mom in my prayers today.  BTW, I hope I look as good as and invigorated as Ed and Luke in the pictures when I reach their age.  I'm sure the golfer had to be polite because he neglected to yell "Fore".  Big grin

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                  So sorry to hear about your mom. Sometimes running is a good antidote to sadness and loss. I've enjoyed your race reports this year and look forward to a race-filled 2013 from you.



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                    I smiled throughout your race report, even considering the news you gave at the beginning. Your remembrance of your mother is indication of your strength and her mothering. Thank you for sharing all your reports, but this one especially. You are a great inspiration to many, myself included. I am so sorry that you lost your mother, but very happy to see you smiling and doing one of the things you love to do in her honor.  -Jerry

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                      Sounds like a fun race, but when will the next one be scheduled. It's not every year that we experience the End of the World.

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                        aargh, I've clicked on the link 4x and it's not loading for me...


                          What a fun event, and I love the slogan.  I know this couldn't have been an easy day for you, but you did it with fantastic attitude, and strength.  Running really can be therapeutic, and help us cope.   Thank you for sharing your amazing year of races with us!


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                            My condolences to you, Scotty.

                              I'm sorry for your loss Scotty. Condolences.


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                                Scotty, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I'll be thinking of you and yours.


                                Thank you for sharing the finishing pic of you, you're definitely working in that one. Glad someone caught it Big grin