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Shamrock Half RR, 22:35 PR! :) (Read 104 times)

delicate flower

    Damn, yo...knocked that shit out of the park.


      Congrats Dave! What an excellent race you had. See you in Boston in 2015 Smile

        Way to smash your goal!  Your improvement continues to be nothing short of astonishing, and I am so happy for you!  I know you had to adapt and work around some challenges like the IT band and such this time around, but you handled it all like a pro and came into the race strong.


        Today it sounds like you had a good plan and executed it perfectly.  Nicely done!

        Jack K.

        uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

          D2: also, thanks for making mr prediction come true. 1:28!!!


            Your rapid improvement and talent are amazing.  Congratulations on a great race!

              Man, I knew you were gonna kill this race but you smoked it. You ran a well-disciplined race and I'm in awe of your speed. Nice job!

              Train smart ... race smarter.

              Hip Redux

                Rock on, man, you nailed it!


                  Great job Dave, congratulations!


                  Huge PR, what a difference a year makes.  You should be very proud of your progress, and your family earned a bunch of bling too, excellent.


                    Awood, thanks! Yup, all of my runs are easy (except for races of course). The few tempos you see on my log are the couple of miles that I do the day before a race with strides, I don't know what to call those runs, so I call them tempos. From some of the discussions on here lately, I guess some of my faster easy runs could be called tempos, but the effort that day felt easy, just happened to feel strong that day, so I don't know that they'd really qualify. After I recover this week I'm going to start rolling in some actual tempo runs, with paces based off of the race I ran today. I also want to start doing some interval work. To be honest, I've been very surprised at the progress I've been able to make without any formal speed work.


                    LRB, thanks! There is definitely some serious competition around here, and they only get faster in the next age group! I've gotta get on my game before I turn 40. lol


                    Thanks Phil!


                    Thanks B-plus! That's not a bad idea. Smile


                    Thanks so much Zel! I am so glad that I was able to get past my IT band issues quickly, especially after seeing so many people get sidelined by it.


                    Jack, that's right, you nailed the prediction. Smile


                    Thanks workinprogress, I'm very happy with how I've been able to improve, never knew I had it in me, but I guess we never know until we try.


                    Thanks Bruce! I was tempted to push a lil harder, but I didn't want to risk it too much, since the pace was already the fastest I've ever run at that distance. There's always the next race!


                    Thanks Oski! Smile


                    Thanks Shirfan! Gonna need another medal rack, just bought that one and it's already full. lol


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                      What a success story you are! cheers! :-)




                        Nice RR.  It's great that your whole family runs.  Congratulations on the incredible improvement.


                        Skirt Runner

                          Woo hoo! Dave you rocked that half! Amazing job!!! Congrats! Your progress is incredible!

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                          Wickedly Average

                            Before I even read the RR, I want to say "WoW" - a 22+ minute PR is awesome. Breaking 1:30 is also awesome. That's a great run - you're fast!


                            Now, I'll read the rest. Smile

                            Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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                            Wickedly Average

                              Having now read the rest of the RR, I have to say congratulations! You've made an amazing transformation, and you've got some great running talent. Keep at it - you'll definitely be getting some AG awards in the future!

                              Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

                              5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


                                Congrats on meeting your goal Dave. You ran an impressive race and have every right to be on cloud nine for awhile.

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