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It's a couple of firsts happy new years DAILIES... (Read 266 times)

Boss of the Mangoes

    Hi guys!   I am *psyched*!!  I ran a whole 3 miles this morning and felt great doing it!  First run I haven't had to bail on in two weeks.  My "taper" gave me fresh legs for today's run- that, added to my excitement to be running and I cranked right through this run.  Overall pace was 8:50 and my miles were 9:36, 8:46, 8:06- apparently I got more and more excited, lol!  (My easy pace is typically 9:30- 9:50.)


    Heidi- I used a knee brace today- has your PT suggested that to you?   Also, just a thought, have you tried just taking a few days completely off?  Your issue sounds so much like mine, which is a friction thing.  Maybe a couple of days of eliminating the friction (if that's the problem) could help you in the long run?  Or at least not add to it, anyway.  Another idea- my BIL suggested heat first, then stretch and roll, then ice.   Anyway, just some thoughts to add to the mix.  I know how you're feeling, though- this has been completely frustrating.


    Going to go shower then make belgian waffles for brunch.  Chilling with the family (some of the kids are still recovering from their colds) and having a nice cozy day at home.


    Hope everyone is having a great New Year's Day!  LUV ya guys!  : )

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    Skirt Runner

      Thanks runningmomma! Sorry you have this issue too Sad I know already I'm an overpronator and have weak hip abductors so maybe that contributed and I need a strength routine too

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      I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to

      Will run for scenery.

        Yawn.  Blink. Repeat.


        I've got a pie to pop in the oven (apple) and then head over to my mom's for New Year's food : black eyed peas and cabbage. Anybody else here do Hoppin' John ?


        After that I will nap.  Might try an easy test run later.

        Stupid feet!

        Stupid elbow!


        never runs the tangents

          A little over 4 with the dawg this morning. We almost finished before the rain started, we needed to get up about 10 min earlier. We saw no one as in no one at all


          except for the guys down the street getting dropped off at their house by a cab

          they looked a little rough, sort of squinty faced and responded to my "good morning" with "are you seriously running jeasus what is wrong with you"



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          Not a dude

            So happy for you, Kristin!! I hope that IT Band issue is a thing of the past!!

              Zelanie, Dave, AprilRunner, Just B.S., scrape, have great runs.


              scottydawg, have fun skiing.


              Robert, flatrunner, Damaris, Kristin, aponj, great runs.


              Baboon enjoy snowshoeing.


              Kristin10185, I hope you heal soon.


              Heidi, be careful.


              Angela, enjoy whatever you do.


              Weights and thirty minutes on the StairMaster are done. I decided to try a different form of cardio. It bored me.

                After a exciting night of going to bed at 11pm I got a 5 miler in using the treadmill.......first time going more than 2 miles at home on it, what fun was


                Hope you all have a terrific day and Happy New Year!

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                  HEY ALL!


                  I posted in the RWOL forums for a couple weeks before they went to hell and I decided to get back and post again.  I have been lazy and haven't run too much because of final exams with school, Christmas, traveling to the UC bowl game, and other excuses I have found but I am planning on going for a 4 mile run today and I'm going to use my new Garmin I got for Christmas and some of my new running clothes!! Smile



                  Hope everyone is having a great new year!

                  YAYpril - B-Plus

                    8 miles done in the parkway. Had some good hills (Garmin said 1300 feet of elevation gain) but it felt really good. At mile 7.65 we stopped to watch the annual "Dip in the Crick" - people are insane. About 50 people went for it. Not me though. Big grin Then we did our last 1/3 mile and went to breakfast.


                      I have this problem, too. I use the lunge matrix and that helped. I also really concentrate on making sure I'm not letting my right knee drop inward while I'm running. I can feel it doing so if I pay attention. Of course, I don't run the miles y'all do. But I have been able to fight off the issues with the knee this way.

                      Thanks runningmomma! Sorry you have this issue too Sad I know already I'm an overpronator and have weak hip abductors so maybe that contributed and I need a strength routine too


                        Happy new year guys.  I'm still all crappy, but I may try a short jog just to see how it goes.  Be good.









                          I decided to take a chance and run outside and it was colder than a fuckin baloney sandwich!


                          I managed 6 miles @ a pace of 9:08 with the slowest mile 9:32.


                          That was the mile where I did more to keep from bustin' my ass on the ice than run.  Still, it was nice to run for almost an hour!  Time to get ready to watch my favorite team in the outback bowl.


                          @ Runs w/ Cheetahs, what up doe!

                            Started New Year with an 8 mile run in the rain.  Rewarded with  Eggs Benedict and a Mimosa courtesy of my DW.

                            LRB - too bad Big Blue is going down to the Ol' Ball Coach and the Gamecocks.

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                            Wickedly Average

                              3 mile recovery run, 10:10 pace on the treadmill. The steady rain kept me in today, but that's OK. I just wanted to get a little jog in, get the legs moving a bit.

                              Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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                                LRB - too bad Big Blue is going down to the Ol' Ball Coach and the Gamecocks.

                                It has been the year of the heartbreak for fans of all sports here, so that would be an appropriate way to end it...thanks for dumping on us by the way.  My dog is here next to me, wanna kick him too?


                                jjs, year of the noodle?  Hilarious!


                                Dtothe2nd, NICE!


                                Nice work again Tom!


                                Zel, that was funny!


                                SLD, I actually went back to sleep!  Smile


                                Supp X!


                                Welcome back Alex, wassup to everyone else!