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I need to confess, I'm a big IDOT! (Read 422 times)


    Oh, no!!!! 

      I hear the one in Fredericksburg is really nice and relatively low priced. I haven't run it (yet), but some of my friends have and that's where I went to undergrad.


      I hope it all works out. Smile

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      Benched until further notice. :/


      Everything you need is already inside. [[Bill Bowerman]]

        Nova runner, just signed up and was $50 not too bad, and the reviews all look good too! Happy to get in because its my last chance to run for a while because I'm getting foot surgery 2 days after race.

          I'm glad that you were able to work something out. Good luck with the race!

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          Little Blue

            That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach .. how does that feel, again? Wink  Glad you were able to remedy the problem, and still get to put your training to good use.  Good luck in VA!

              Oh no!  That really sucks.  I'm sorry


              Skirt Runner

                Oh noooo! Glad you were able to find a race on the same day though!! Good luck.


                I just registered for my goal races for the year a solid 7 and 10 months in advance just to prevent this from happening to me. Haha.

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                  Glad you were able to find something else! 

                  Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


                    Oh I'm so glad you found another option! Yay!



                    Bless your heart.

                    YAYpril - B-Plus

                      I'm so glad you ended up with alternate arrangements. What a nightmare. For all my races, from 5k to HM, I always panic a few days ahead of time, "did I register? CRAP, DID I???" and then I remember that I've been receiving emails re: the race in question for months. However, I'm still considering printing out my confirmations and putting them on my fridge. Just in case.