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What race are you looking forward to the most this year? (Read 107 times)

    Of course I'm looking forward to my half next month, I think it's gonna be a blast, and hopefully a killer PR.  But I just realized that the race I'm looking forward to the most is the OK5K in June, because it was the first race I ever ran.  So I'm really excited to see how much I'll have improved in a year.  Plus it was a really fun cross country 5k (I had no idea it was cross country when I signed up for it, just grabbed the next 5k I could find lol).


    I think it will also be fun to re-race all of the races I've done so far, but your first is always special. lol


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      The Jerusalem Marathon.


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        I'm stoked about breaking 2 hours in my next HM next month, but my first full marathon in November at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon is the one I'm most looking forward to.  That's going to be awesome!!!


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          I'm looking forward to several but the one I'm looking forward the most (Paris Marathon) I might have to DNS due to work constraints (DH might not get approval to travel).  Boo.


          Having said that, the marathon will be there next year, so I can wait.  In the meantime, I'll run many others. Big grin



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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


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            I answered this in the regular forum, but a small local 5K  in April. It's totally flat and all road, also minimal turns. A good PR course. I am really hoping to finally break 20 minutes, I've been working toward that for over a year, have come under 20:30 several times, and I'm following a totally new type of training regiment. We shall see.

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              Sept 29th - travelling to Ireland for 10 days to celebrate hubby 50th b'day and run a marathon with

              him and  35 of our friends.Smile


              But before that I'm going on a girlfriend trip to Florida for the Princess 1/2 on Feb 24th. That should

              be fun too.


                I'm looking forward to several but the one I'm looking forward the most (Paris Marathon) I might have to DNS due to work constraints (DH might not get approval to travel).  Boo.


                Having said that, the marathon will be there next year, so I can wait.  In the meantime, I'll run many others. Big grin


                Well that's an easy one - go without him!


                The race I am most looking forward to this year (so far - I haven't planned my fall schedule yet) is the Shamrock Marathon on March 17.



                July 27 - San Francisco marathon



                  Ran it in 2009-2011, was supposed to run it last year, and now it seems like forever since I have gotten to run it.  Cannot wait!


                    I can't decide between the Boston marathon in April, the Ottawa marathon in May and an unidentified marathon in the fall. Boston is Boston, so of course I'm very excited (and also terrified) about that. But I'm also looking forward to Ottawa, because it will be the 4th year anniversary of my first attempt at the marathon (which ended in a hospital) and the 3rd anniversary of my first completed one, on the same course, and almost same day in 2010. The fall marathon will be my attempt at my annual PR, so that really is the big one for me, I would think.

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                      My first half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival in October!!! Doing it with one of my best friends from college, who lives in Baltimore now. She is the one who finally got me into running for real after 2 years of half hearted attempts at it. Last summer, she asked me to come down the weekend if the running festival to support her running her first half, and then convinced me to sign up for the 5K. I trained for it, ran it, and never looked back. A year from my first raceaversary, returning to the same running festival as my first race and running my first half with one of my best friends.... can't wait!!!

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                        I'm running Boston but it's a victory lap for me and I'm jogging it.  I'll be shocked if I break 4 hours.  I have a goal of breaking 3 hours at the Marshall University Marathon in November.  Everything I am doing this year is in support of that effort.

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                          Pacing a friend at Sawtooth Superior 100 again.  I don't know if I will race for myself at all this year.


                            It would probably be a repeat of the first race I ever ran; a local 5K in November.

                              Whatever half-marathon I pick to try and lower my PR. If I recover well from Boston it may be Grandma's in June but more likely it will be one this fall.





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                                I answered in the main forum about my March trail 1/2. It was a surprise race this year, but one I wanted to do last year but we happened to be on vacation at Disney. I didn't think it was smart to race but you all talked me into it(thank you!!) and I felt like "Heck yeah, I can do this!" after I signed up spontaneously. And that was the best feeling, to know I am trained to run an unexpected 1/2(how weird to even write that!) in prep for my full in May(first ever!)


                                But honestly, the race I am looking forward to the most is my 5yo's first race in March. He has been begging me for the last year to let him run races just like mom does. He finally is old enough, so he is running his first ever 1 miler the week after my half. I am beyond excited for him to wear a number bib instead of me!!! A very proud moment indeed!