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It's a couple of firsts happy new years DAILIES... (Read 266 times)


Not a dude

    I'm not even gonna try to copy and paste the usual stuff from my phone. Everyone here knows the drill. Smile


    1. This is the first time I have ever started the Dailies thread!

    2. This is the very first dailies thread of 2013!


    Not a dude

      I'm looking for 6-8 in the morning! what's on your plate for the first day of the year...hopefully not hangovers!?

        I'm looking for 6-8 in the morning! what's on your plate for the first day of the year...hopefully not hangovers!?


        5 hung over Smile


        Take care. Thanks for getting it started. Also a first for me in the dailies Smile

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          Happy 2013, everyone!


          FlippyNoodle and T-Rod, enjoy your runs.


          I have weights, abs, push-ups, and cardio planned today.


            Happy 2013!

              Happy 2013!  Can I post here already even though it is still December here?


              My plan calls for 7 tomorrow (today?).  They might not be pretty after tonight's tempo but scheduling being what it is I will do my best.


                Happy New Year everyone!!!


                Closed out 2012 with a great race and an AG win, great way to finish a great year!  Definitely gotta work on my pacing tho. lol


                After I get some sleep, I'll go out for 8 miles.


                Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2013!!!


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                Will run for scenery.

                  Welcome to 2013 : Year of the Noodle


                  I'm gonna need some strong coffee when I get up.  Who's brewin' ?

                  Stupid feet!

                  Stupid elbow!



                    I almost didn't didn't see this thread.



                    Must mean I need coffee....

                    Bad Ass

                      Me too, LRB.  We need capital letters not to miss it without coffee!


                      Morning, DAILIES, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


                      15 miles coming up.  Weights tonight.



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      not lazy, just tired

                        Flippy, T-rod, Zelanie, Docket enjoy your runs.

                        Basya - weights, abs, push ups... oh my. To much for my brain to wrap around right now.

                        jjs22 and LRB, better get that cup of coffee (drinking mine right now)


                        I'm going skiing.


                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                        Not if it makes sense.

                        YAYpril - B-Plus

                          Good morning! Happy '13! I was in bed by 10 last night.


                          7-8 with my RP in a little then breakfast at a diner. Gotta start the year off doing our favorite thing!


                          Team TJ

                            Good morning folks.


                            happy New Year!


                            i just finished 3.25 miles.  Didn't bump into any resolutioners.


                            y'all come see us.

                            Running for TJ because he can't.



                            Wickedly Average

                              Morning, Dailies!  Happy New Year!!


                              Mmmmmm, Coffee!!


                              Not sure what I'll do today in terms of running. I might squeeze in a couple of slow recovery miles this afternoon, but that depends on the weather.


                              Was feeling a little goofy last night after I put a little dent in the Scotch bottle. Smile

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                              delicate flower

                                Happy New Year!  HOORAY 2013!!  Don't mess it up, folks.


                                Starting the year off with some snowshoeing this morning with wife and friends.  Maybe I'll get out for a short run later, but no promises.