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Jess runs for bacon

    April/Bruce, you owe me a new keyboard. Hilarious!!!!!


    Bad Ass

      Create a thread, bruce.  Do it!!!!

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      Running for TJ

        20 push-ups and 30 crunches done.

        You have to run through the valley if you want to get to the mountain top!


        Next goal:  Mad Marsh 50K (November 2014)


        Run to live; live to run


          Please go to my aunt's restaurant Hurricane Mo's and tell her that her niece Jessica sent you. Also, if you haven't yet you must pretend you are three and roll down the sand dunes.


          Ok Will do.  I've been there a lot so won't be rolling down any dunes.


            8 miles @ 7:45 (middle 4 @ 6:38, 6:35, 6:33, 6:28). I probably should have taken easy after 3 days off, but I wanted to run fast.

            Jack K.

              8 miles @ 7:45 (middle 4 @ 6:38, 6:35, 6:33, 6:28). I probably should have taken easy after 3 days off, but I wanted to run fast.


              Great run. That push is consistent!

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              Mountains to Beach Marathon - 25 May


                Great run. That push is consistent!


                Thanks, it felt great to get that out of my system. Btw, I'm slowly making my way towards your RR. There were so many this weekend!


                  Hey everyone!


                  12.4 miles @ 7:55/mile done in a light misting rain, felt great. Smile


                  Bruce, that was hilarious!



                  2014 Goals | sub-19 5k | sub-1:26 HM | BQ done!


                  Fun Size

                    2.25 easy miles with DH this evening.


                    April/Bruce - your RR made my evening!


                      Oh April ...


                      Tick ... tock ... tick ... tock ... tick .... tock


                      I'm hoping that your silence is the sound of you writing up your race report, because I'd hate to have to make that new thread ... or worse, let folks embellish my version with their ideas too. I'm guessing that'd mean we'd have to add in side stories about pole dancing, furry critters, tequila, and a South American soccer team.

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                        Hi dailies:


                        HobbitLegs - belated welcome.  Fact:  one of the roads I occasionally run on is named Underhill Smile


                        Sparker - glad it went well


                        DaveP - special rain just for you, blarg.


                        D - is the weather down in PR typically just as bad as Miami?


                        AmiK - ugh, hope that cortisone helps your road to recovery


                        Sarah - hope the results are good


                        Baboon - have a nice vacay


                        Rick - oh, you programmed a run?  "Not a robot" cover = blown.


                        Robert - on the slippery slope to ultras, maybe?


                        Bruce - so there are lots of knit doilies and anise candies at Grandma's marathon?  Can't wait to read the report from that one.


                        Basya - maybe just do a shorter LR the week before, cut volume a little, and throw in a fartlek 4-5 days before?  That's what I'd do, anyway, YMMV.


                        D - haha, great pic.


                        Kristin - feel better


                        April - hope the stick helped your recovery


                        SIAR - enjoy that well-earned rest


                        FLA - be safe in those storms


                        Brr - wishing you warmer weather


                        Scotty - have a good run


                        Oski - breakfast is the best meal of the day


                        Scap - interesting


                        Jack - good recovery to you


                        Beth - no streamers on the handlebars?


                        Marjorie - nice mileage


                        B+ - mm, sleep


                        Step - more lightning dodging, glad you're safe


                        Lilac - RW half? You should wear a shirt advertising free access to streaming video of European sports.


                        OOTB - yum


                        Ric-G - where's the HM going to be?


                        Luke - good luck


                        RonDog - good plan


                        10.2 today in the park, on a nice warm evening.  20x(1 minute near 5K effort, 1 minute recovery).




                          Lilac - RW half? You should wear a shirt advertising free access to streaming video of European sports.



                          This made me LOL!

                           Want a discount code for the San Francisco marathon?  Message me :)

                            Phil, enjoy the sushi. You earned it with those workouts.

                            Oski, sweet recovery run.

                            Rondog65, I'm glad that the 4.6 went well. Heal soon.

                            Robert, great core work.

                            B-Plus, I'm glad that you were able to comfortably run so quickly.

                            Dave, excellent 12.4.


                            Nicole, nice 2.25 with DH.


                            Shirfan, thank you for the tapering suggestion. Terrific 10.2.


                            Ab work is done. Good night, everyone!

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                              "April" that is the best RR I have ever read.

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