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    Anyone and everyone can post your runs, cross-training, abdominal work, rest days, race plans, training questions, etc. The only stupid question is the one you did not post. There’s a great mix of beginners and veterans, runners and walkers, and maniacs and returners (from injury, to running, to RA). We're all a little crazy here too! While this thread is a terrific source of motivation for runners and serves as outstanding accountability, you’ll quickly find this remarkable group to be highly supportive of all life experiences. So, come on in, put your feet up and stay awhile (not literally)! And whoever’s up first is welcome to start the thread (and we definitely keep some weird hours around here



      Surprised It's really cold out there today and I broke down and I'm wearing tights.


      Heading out for just over an hour - whatever distance that gets me.


      Have a GREAT Thursday everyone!

      I AM WEEZER.

        I did 5 easy miles last night. Tonight will be my first hill workout. I have to be honest and say that I am dreading it. But, tomorrow is a rest day, so I will get through this!

          David, what's the temp?


          Makk, hills pay dividends.


          Hello to all the rest of the Dailies. 


          I'm thinking I need a RD today, legs are a little stiff tonight after the tempo run yesterday.


          Wickedly Average

            Morning, David, Makk, & Mitch!  Morning, Dailies!


            Just got home from work. Since it's the last night shift, I'm having a Samual Adams Winter Lager before I retire for a few hours' sleep.


            Most likely a rest day. Calves are complaining a bit. I gave them intervals on Tuesday, negative splits yesterday, and ibuprophen overnight. They were sort of borderling cramping.


            Rest today means that I can take on the hills tomorrow!

            Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

            5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

              Good morning, everyone! Weezer, enjoy your run, makk9898, I can't wait to hear how the hills were. Mitch, enjoy whatever the day brings. I'm heading to the gym for weights and cardio.

              Fear is a Liar

                Good morning dailies!


                Did the weight machines after work follow that up with a toilet repair, then did planks during the 12/12/12 Sandy relief concert.



                I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


                Wickedly Average

                  Gustav, last time I did planks, I had sore abs for 3 months! I'll stick to my crunches! Smile

                  Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

                  5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


                    12-13 miles today.


                      Good morning!


                      Rain delay for me, I'll do 8-10 this evening.


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                      delicate flower

                        IT IS FRIDAY FOR ME!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!  With chips.  And maybe some salsa.  Hot salsa though.


                        10 miles last night.  Easy effort but the pace indicates it was a harder effort (8:41 pace).  Whatever.  Easy pace is what it is.  A walker complimented me on my KNUCKLE LIGHTS.  "Those are some nice lights you have."  Why thank you.  I am flattered.  I also wore my new Brooks thermal pants.  Boy are those warm.  


                        Planning a recovery effort tonight i.e. nice and slow. 


                        Have a good Thursday, cuates.



                          Morning, all! Plan calls for 4-5 x 1000m @ HMP, so I do it on the TM. It's still slippery outside. Then a strength training class right after my run, and wine and cookies with friends tonight.


                          Jess runs for bacon

                            Good morning everyone!


                            Rest day for me today, I'm hoping to get some jumping rope in but I'm supposed to get an early dinner with my mom, which means wine, which means no motivation to do anything. I'll rolll with it.




                            Fear is a Liar

                              Gustav, last time I did planks, I had sore abs for 3 months! I'll stick to my crunches! Smile


                              For the ultimate in sore abs, do side planks!

                              I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

                              Bad Ass

                                Morning!  I ran this morning, as I work from home today.  I cannot believe it's 100% humidity and 71 dewpoint and we're hitting the 80s!  It's December!  I never had a Winter last year so I want one this year, you hear me???

                                Well, now that I got that out of my chest, I'll enjoy my day.


                                Have a nice day!



                                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!