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So My Granddaughter And I Are Talking... (Read 114 times)

YAYpril - B-Plus

    I love this. I can see her saying "RAWR!!!"



    Oh she is indeed April....My Princess....Big grin (I absolutely adore this pic.)

    Just Keep "Tri" ing

      She is so adorable!!!


      I realize now that I'm in my 50's that the only thing better than having my own kids (cause really

      I thought it couldn't get any better when they were small) is that someday I will have Grandchildren

      (well hopefully!)Smile




      Our boys ran with us all thru their teens and our oldest ran two full marathons with my husband.


      Now that #1 son is back running again I am hinting that he should train for and run a full with me

      because I was only running halfs back in 2005/2006 when they did theirs together.


      It would be awesome for all 3 of us to run the same marathon together some day.

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        Sounds like man awesome time Dave, I am so looking forward to have grandkids around.



        Oh she is indeed April....My Princess....Big grin (I absolutely adore this pic.)

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          What a lovely child!

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            Such a fun thing to do with her! I did the Color Run with my toddler and 4 1/2 year old (little one on my shoulders, I didn't make her run!). We had a great time. She let us know when she was ready to run again. She wasn't too thrilled with the color dust though, so used a light blanket to cover her face through those stations.