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    (please excuse if this is duplicated, I hit post, but nothing seemed to happen) I was a former RWOL lurker too who couldn't take the spam. I'm a 40-ish gal, I just started running 5 months ago and I think I'm hooked. I started running because I could. Sounds odd, but I have MS, and have been feeling the best since diagnosis 10 years ago, so I want to run while my legs will still let me. I'm running about 30-40 kms a week now and am training for a half in May. I was up a bit more until the last few weeks nursing a cold and a slight hip flexor strain. I have completed 2 5k's and my long runs are 12-15kms so far. I will try to keep up with posts, but find life often gets in the way of best intentions. I've appreciated all the information absorbed thus far and of course the witty banter amongst friends.

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      I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


        Welcome and Congrats on your progress so far!

        Started C25K on 9/6/12. First 5K set for 1/13/13.


          Welcome! Smile Hope your cold and hip flexor are better now. Sounds like you're progressing nicely.



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            Welcome! A good friend of mine is having a terrible time with his MS, so I'm glad to know that it is possible to have it under control. He's only 34 and is on permanent disability. He can hardly walk most of the time. How amazing it must feel to you to be able to run! I wish you the best in your training and in your upcoming half marathon. Feel free to jump in to the Dailies threads and share your training.


            It's funny to see how many former lurkers are coming out of the woodwork in this new place. Smile




                Even the lurkers are migrating.  Nice!


                  Hello and welcome!


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                    Even the lurkers are migrating.  Nice!



                    What a selling point! Need we say more?


                    Glad to have you with us One2Run!

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