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Run to live; live to run

    Nightcrawler reminds me I need to fill out the stuff to send to our accountant.  Maybe later today.



    Drink up moho's!!

      Taxes are good!  They are part of Mike's and my livelyhood.



      Todays un sucked.  Plan was 15 no matter what.  Started later than I wanted but got under way still.  Legs felt dead by mile 3 and so I told myself I would cut it short because of the dead legs.  By mile 5 I was getting my wind finally and kept going.  Hit the 7.5 mile turn aroud and headed back.  By mile 10 (which was 5 miles from the car) my right ankle was really bugging me . . . so I hung my head in shame and called for a pickup.


      Now about 7 hours later the ankle is still a bit off but not dead and cutting in to next weeks running.  I fear that if I would have toughed it out I would be down for a few days next week.

        I've been forced to listen to zombies moaning all day long.  Ugh.

        Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


        Drink up moho's!!

          The play is done, DD enjoyed it and it planning to try out for the next play as well.


          Now we go back to just being busy instead of hectic evening lives.

            Doug, glad your DD had fun.  Our kids have never been interested in drama, other than possibly behind the scenes.  Cold is a bet better today.  It least it's not a bad one and isn't lasting long.  I see my doc tomorrow morning about my foot.  Don't expect to learn anything, only expect to have an MRI ordered.  Other than that it's been pretty much the same old thing around here.  Oh, we got our tax return deposited on Friday so that's good.  DH paid down credit cards, got some stuff for the house, surprised me with an ipod shuffle as an early V-day present.  Really, he just wanted to get me something because we've never celebrated V-day or given presents.  The girls went ahead and bought themselves ipad minis and they are in love.

            I may be slow but I never quit.

            Better I Leave

              I procrastinate going to the supermarket until I can no longer.

              I wish I could only do grocery runs 1xweek, but I'm going every other day...ugh. Sad (longs for the day where he could enjoy a quiet, lazy one hour lunch break).

              Bad Ass

                Doug, I've had runs like that.  Recharge and continue on.


                Hi, guys.  Off to bed.  Still coughing and exhausted.



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  I grocery shop twice a week.  I'd never be able to fit all the food in the fridge if I only went once.  I don't mind it so much as long as I go when it's not busy.  Otherwise I have notions of becoming a homicidal  maniac.

                  I may be slow but I never quit.


                  Fibromyalgia Fighter

                    Greetings from the night shift on labor and delivery!

                    Relentless forward progress


                    Drink up moho's!!

                      Morning all.  VERY windy here at work.  24 MPH sustained and gusting to 42 MPH was the wind observations just announced.


                      Basically that pretty much means no crane lifts today.


                      Short work week for me, just 3 days.  Thursday I will be on the road heading to Maxwell AFB to swear Neil in on Friday.  2LT Neil Prisbe will soon be amongst us.


                      For those that don't know I retired as a Major from the Army National Guard back in 2009.  As I am still an officer although retired I still have the authority to do these things.

                        That's a very cool thing to be able to do Doug.   And good luck with the wind.


                        Last day of my 4 day weekend here, back on the night shift tonight for a few days.  I need to do a medium long run today, it's windy and cold here, and my knee hurts to flex it.   So I'm likely headed to the gym for a few hours of recovery.  Crazy busy week here too.  3 night shifts, then Have parent teacher conferences for the kidlet on Tuesday.  I love getting the guilt trip from teachers for my kids' choices.  And then two college visits, one on Thursday about an hour away, and one on Friday about 3 hours away, where kidlet will most likely go.. Then flying off to Austin on Saturday, and racing on Sunday.

                        Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.

                          Doc appointment this morning. Struggling to stay awake, slept very poorly last night.

                          I may be slow but I never quit.

                          Wandering Wally

                            Doug - How cool is that?  Hope you have a great trip.  It'll be great to have Neil back among us again.


                            Happy Monday everyone!

                            Run!  Just Run!


                            Trail Runner Nation Podcast

                              I grocery shop twice a week.  I'd never be able to fit all the food in the fridge if I only went once.  I don't mind it so much as long as I go when it's not busy.  Otherwise I have notions of becoming a homicidal  maniac.


                              You want to see a normally calm individual get progressively angrier?  Take me shopping at a grocery store at the busiest time, and right after a payday no less.   I get to the point where I come across aunt sally who has her cart on one side of the aisle, but is standing on the other side of the aisle trying to decide if she wants the 12 ounce can of peas for 89 cents, or the 10 ounce can of peas for 78 cents...  Behind me, some lady and her noisy "Kmart" kids are resting the front of their cart on my achilles tendons because apparently they want to get through as well.   About 2 minutes into aunt sally's decision on the peas, I push through and say "nice road block"....


                              Oh my wife was so pissed about this!    I felt guilty about it later.  A little bit, actually, not really... Folks need to wake up and pay attn to those around them.   Friggin' zombie apocalypse!  Big grin


                              ---Solution:  Grocery shop within 15 minutes of the store opening, or at a wal-mart at 3 in the morning :-)


                              The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞


                              Run to live; live to run

                                DIdn't fill out the tax packet yet.  It doesn't take long.  We've used the same tax accountant for over 21 years.  They send us a packet to fill out and we send it with copies of the w2's etc and they do everything for us.  Well worth the cost.


                                Doug sorry on the ankle!


                                Van zombies???


                                Cheryl hope the doc has news for you.


                                Dave we are good at only needing to go once a week but DH and I are it so we can plan accordingly and since I'm so limited on what I can eat and run it makes it easy.  Rare that we have to go during the week to pick up anything extra.