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    Hi all- Per suggestion of the folks in the general forum, I am embarking on the C25K journey tomorrow. I am a new runner and thought I could train myself to run on my own program. Granted, I am doing okay, my heart rate is out of control (191), I can't come close to talking, and I am in a lot of pain the following day. I want to do this right and start fresh tomorrow. I have a 5K in March and a 10miler (ambitious I know) in May. In terms of speeds, what do you suggest I walk and run at? In my own training, I always try to walk at 4.0, and jog at 5.8. I am wondering if that speed if feasible since I'll be doing it for such short spurts for the first few weeks, compared to the 8 minutes that I do it for now. I hope to learn that building up my base at a comfortable level will help me become a better runner and even enjoy it one day! Any suggestions?
      I'd suggest not worrying about speed/pace, and focus more on breathing and effort. You want to maintain a "conversational pace" while running (i.e., you should be able to speak in sentences with deep breaths in between)... if you can't say more that a few words at a time, you're going too fast; but if you can sing, you're probably going too slow. Once you have a decent base of several months of consistent running at this easy pace, you might be able to increase the pace a bit on some (not all) runs. Good luck!

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