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    Hi everyone ~ It is REALLY quiet around here now, but I still recognize a few names! I just popped in to say that I finished OHR over the weekend! I am now starting training for the Cleveland 1/2 marathon in May. For anyone new around here, I started running at the end of July - a few (30) pounds overweight, over 40, and had never run in my life! Now here I am, 17 pounds lighter, feeling years younger, and can run for an hour straight! Believe me, if I can do this anyone can! The fact that I am now training for a 1/2 marathon still surprises me every day! So for all the new folks, don't quit, don't give up - even on the 'hard' days, trust me when I tell you the good runs far outnumber the hard! My other advice is, take it slow - don't worry about speed (I'm still slow ha ha) and be patient. The whole first year of running really is about developing endurance, steady base building. Even though I'm planning for a 1/2 marathon, I am not running it for time, I am just running to finish this one because I am still developing my foundation. Keep runnin' on everyone!
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      Congrats, CyndiKo! Cool

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        wow Cyndi! that is awesome a big congrats to you!
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          Yay Cyndi!!!! What a great accomplishment! The best of luck to you on your 1/2! Big grinCool

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            Cyndi, you are doing awesome! All the best to you in your HM training!

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              Cyndi, Awesome job! What plan did you decide to use for your 1/2?
                Hi JB ~ I pulled up the SmartCoach training calculator at It has been great ~ I entered my last (only) 5K time, how hard I wanted to train, and the distance training for. In seconds I had a 16 or 18 week plan! It has me running at a very slow pace (14:38 to be exact) which is difficult to do, but I am getting the hang of it and I can feel it is the right approach. I always finish my runs feeling like I could go a little more (but I dont). Trying to do this as practically and 'smartly' as possible so I don't hurt myself!
                Cyndi One Hour Running, Finishing by Jan 3rd!
                  Good luck with the RW training plan! I used to LOVE putting stuff in there and fantasizing about what races I'd be ready to train for. But I never could bring myself to follow the schedules. Blush For the curious, here's the link:,7148,s6-238-277-278-0-0-0-0,00.html?starf=&lrdy=0&slen=16&trainstart=ds1231193712588&startf=checkforward&hour=0&mins=0&secs=0&rlen=fivk&rdst=fivk&mpwe=11&diff=mod

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