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    Hey folks. I haven't been able to donate blood for the last many months (my iron's been too low) and I was hoping to get some of your thoughts. I've always had kind of low iron levels, but not this low for such a long time. The suspicious part is that my low levels seem to have started when I started running again. Even though I run just 15k a week, could it be having an effect? I guess the bigger question is, do others of you have low iron? Do you take supplements or just try and eat more iron-rich food? What do you think, will I be able to donate again some day?

      I used to take iron supps w/ orange juice for absorption... there are many iron rich veggies though too w/o having to eat organ meat which has the highest levels of iron... spinach in place of lettuce is one of my favs... any idea why your levels are so low? i know why mine were but my gyn surgically took care of that for me.

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        I had low iron / borderline anemia for a little while in college. I was vegetarian and definitely could have been eating better, so I concetnrated on green leafy veggies and took iron supplements for a while. Iron sulfate, I think? See what your doc recommends, though--you can OD on iron, though it's harder for women than men. I still take an iron supplement the week of my period, which seems to help. It's been a few months since I've donated blood, and I usually make the cutoff 2/3 of the time. By the way, the donation level is much higher than the level at which you should start worrying a lot.
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          When I banked some blood before major surgery about 10 years ago, the hospital put me on iron supplements and said to not have any dairy when taking the supplement. Apparently dairy products inhibit the absorption of iron (so much for iron-enriched cereal!), and vitamin c increases absorption. I took my iron with a glass of OJ and never had any problems. Now I just try and eat iron-rich foods. Spinach is still one of my favorites.

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            Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I think it is just a matter of ramping up those leafy greens - the OJ tip is a good one! In my research, I also found that prune juice (of all things!) is quite high in iron. I'll just keep working at it - we'll see how it goes!