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    I have never been a runner.. I am currently starting something new..I have started training for.a 5k run.. I have downloaded the c25k training schedule.. I have been doing a lot of studying...reading and researching on how to do it it goes I did a intense walk on Mon. Cross training on Tues. And today was my first official run... My time was run 2 walk 1 with 4 sets ... I wanted to do 15 min. Total run and only done 8.. Tomorrow is my rest day..then I run Friday and cross train Saturday ..then rest Sunday.. I can hardly move..muscles in my butt, shins, thighs and stomach are ALL sore.. should I be dissappointed? Oh yea I'm 5 ft 9 in. Tall 216 lbs.. Thanks I'm so new to this I just need information ..

    On the road again...

      First, congrats on deciding to get out there and get moving!  The hardest part of this journey often seems to be the first step, and you've taken that one.  Nice.


      Without knowing a lot about you, it's hard to give many specifics, but my impression after reading your post was that you would probably benefit greatly from following the C25K schedule strictly.  Running 2 minutes and then walking 1 minute is a lot of running for someone who is just starting.  I know it can seem silly because most of us think, "Who can't run for 2 minutes?" but the answer is most of us when we started.  That's why it's 60 sec of running and 90 seconds of walking.  Your body needs to work it's way into shape and this is one of the best programs out there for accomplishing that.  Trust it.


      Don't be impatient, either.  There's a tendency to want to fix all the wrongs overnight, or we tell ourselves that if we really work hard it'll go quicker.  Truth is, it won't.  This is a LIFELONG journey, and being able to stick in there for the long haul so you can reap the rewards requires consistent, small steps.  That's why this program seems to move so slowly.  Even when your heart and lungs feel ready to run longer, the program moves slowly in order to allow your joints to strengthen.


      Again, great job on starting!  Feel free to ask more questions as you need to.  I went ahead and added your screen name to our charts and it's got you on Week 1.  You can update that as you progress through the program.  The link to do that is here.

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