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Did my first 5k!! (Read 446 times)

    So happy! I did it! Yay!!


    Gotta go and get in the shower, but I'll tell you more later Smile

    Keep building the base.

    2012 goals: Under 30 minutes 5K, over 20 miles/week

      Yay!  Anxiously awaiting the update Smile

      Michele in NC


        Congrats on the 5K!  That's awesome.  Say, as an aside, does anyone know how to post pictures here?

          ChupChup, I think you have to post the pic online somewhere and then link to it.


          So, for more about that race...

          The weather was perfect, about 45 deg(F) and sunny.  The 5k started 30 min after a half marathon, and the course was in a local Wisconsin State park that is just beautiful (Peninsula State Park in  Door County).  My family came to cheer me on (DH and 2 DS's, my Dad and Step-mom). They brought signs! Smile


          There was a crowd at the starting line, so I lined myself up toward the back (just in front of the ladies with the stroller-- didn't the race rules say no strollers?).  When we started, I was surprised to pass a bunch of people walking.  I ran waaaaay too fast, I thought, for the first mile; a man at the mile mark told me 13 min 50 seconds (my fastest pace had been about a 15 min mile).  I walked a bit, then ran some more.  Walked up a hill.  Had a hard time figuring a pace.  Then I noticed I kept passing and being passed by the same couple people.  One lady commented, "it's like we're playing leapfrog!"  She was running steadily, so I kinda hung out with her, and asked her what her goal time was. She was pretty cool, since she had headphones on, but didn't mind talking to me.  She was aiming for under 38 min, but said she usually runs around a 41 min 5K or so.  Since I wasn't completely dying, I stuck with her.  She told me she'd lost 70 lbs!  At least for that last mile, I think I might have loved that woman.


          Along the route, there were people cheering...not thick on the ground (like the mayflies), but here and there. Must be a special place in heaven for those lovely, lovely people.


          I saw a coworker and his family toward the end, with a cowbell, yelling and cheering for me, then my family with neon pink goofy signs encouraging me.  The finish line was "just around the corner" but there were about 7 corners before it showed up! The garmin read 3.1, but that must have factored in my zigzags, because the last 500 feet were FOREVER. I pushed myself at the end (in no way could it have been considered a sprint) and I think my HR hit 178 bpm (the 220-age gives me a max HR of 182).


          Final time was 42.14 with a pace of 13.36.  I was 378/485 and 32/40 in my division (F3539).  I am very happy with that.  If I can get some pictures off DH's camera, I'll post one.  And, yes, I want to do it again!!!

          Keep building the base.

          2012 goals: Under 30 minutes 5K, over 20 miles/week

          Loves the outdoors

            Well done Jenn! Congratulations on discovering a new obsession - racing!

            One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

              The weather for your race was PERFECT!  I'm so glad things came together for you. 


              I've never had a cheering section, that sounds so fun that your family supports you like that.  Runners are pretty darned friendly, and I've been encouraged during races.  I'm so glad you found someone to run with.  Don't worry about your pacing, that comes with experience. 


              Running races is addictive, that's for sure....realize that you'll sign up for your next race before too long!  Keep up the good work! Smile

              Michele in NC


                Nice job!  Was the race chip timed?  Isn't it funny how all kinds of people seem to come to races?  Now that you've been bitten by the bug I suspect we'll start seeing a steady progression of PRs being reported this summer.  And the next thing you know you'll be posting a "what do I do with all these t-shirts?" thread.  Smile

                  Yep, can always use a t-shirt, right?  The next 5K up here is at a Pork Fest (seriously)....  um, maybe I'll skip the shirt??


                  Then my 5-yr-old and I are gonna do a 2K together.  Just 1 shirt: his size.  That'll be a fun one!

                  Keep building the base.

                  2012 goals: Under 30 minutes 5K, over 20 miles/week

                  On the road again...

                    Congrats on your first 5k!  Here's to many, many more.

                    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.