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Finished C25K and my first race :) (Read 494 times)

    So, tonight was my last night of C25K!  How very exciting...and somewhat neat being National Running Day and all


    But, even more exciting, my mom and I did our first race last weekend!  It was an 8k partial trail run, so our goal was to have fun, FINISH, and walk a good chunk.  I ended up running my half hour (Week 9, Day 1), walking for a while, and then running from about the 4 mile mark to the finish.  And, what I've learned is true to this race organizer's form, the course finished with a HUGE, STEEP hill.  It was somewhat banana started out gradual, got steeper, and it was pretty much vertical at the top.  It was running UP a winter sledding hill.  OMG.  It was all we could do to stay upright.  But we did, and finished.  And by default (meaning, we were also last), my mom was first in her age division, and I was third in mine, so we both got medals too   Not so bad for our first race!!










    The start of the finish...



    Almost there!



    All done!



      Wow, VERY cool!  Congratulations to you both for a successful race and an awesome finish!


      Roads were made for journeys...

        Woot!  That is an awesome accomplishment and super race report!  Loved the pictures.

        Baby bean!

          Aweaome and congrats!!!   What a perfect day to finish, too!

          Finish C25K

          I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

          You Are Beautiful.

            That is so cool! YAY! You are awesome! Can you believe you did it? It seems like forever and a day ago you were on w1d1? Well, great job and wonderful work! Really!!


            It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop. Confucius
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            You'll learn to let things go. 

              IronBess and Mom!  Congratulations to both of you.  I am very impressed.  It is neat that you both won in your categories, and betters still that you did it as Mother and Daughter.  Congratulations also on finishing C25(.     Such good news.   Iron, how many weeks did the program actually take you?  Did you repeat any weeks, etc.?  Which was the hardest week?  

                  I also run with my daughters.  Tomorrow we  will be togeather  doing - DD3 the Half marathon, DD1 and I will do the 5K.  My girls want me to try the 10K - just walk what I have to, and I am tempted.  

                 I hope you don'tleave the forum now that you are finished with the program.  We need you for inspiration. 


              Woods Lady

                Thanks guys!!


                WoodsLady...I'm not going anywhere.  We're waiting for my mom to finish C25K, then we'll do the half hour runs for another month or so, and then start the OHR


                We started the last week in March.  After the first week, my mom hurt her knee and was out for a bit.  I took a couple weeks off, did a couple week one days again, and then started week 2 on my own (shortly after that she restarted, and we've been running together, each doing our own cycles).  From that point, I didn't repeat any days or anything like that.  I absolutely found week four to the be the hardest.  Week three and week five looked impossible, but I found both of those to be easy and really confidence building.  Week four nearly killed me.  Still though, I just kept going through it, and each day of it DID get easier, and week five felt great. 


                It DOES seem like forever ago that we started.  And I can't believe that two months ago 60 seconds of running was REALLY HARD, and now half an hour is completely doable.  Craziness. 

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                  Wow!  Congratulations on your first race and on completing the program.
                    Ironbess, I love the plan with your Mom.    My DD1 is visiting me for the weekend, and we will be out tomorrow either in the woods trails or on the beach doing our respective weeks.   I think she is on week 5 by now, and I am struggling with own version of week 5, day 1 b  for now.  Slow sure progress for me.  Glad you are still around.    Woods Lady