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I can't believe it's September!!! (Read 385 times)

Baby bean!

    How is everyone???  One good thing is that the weather should be cooler for late afternoon runs.  But I love summer.  Anyway, we went camping and I wasn't too keen on running in bear country by myself, so I didn't run for almost a week and a half.  I got out this morning and went 34 minutes!  yay!!!  I really thought those days off would have hindered me.  I'm thrilled.  I hope everyone is doing good and I look forward to updates!

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      Wow - September already?


      I get to have a birthday this month!  Smile


      And a race!


      And I get to see a friend do an Olympic distance triathlon. 




      September rocks!


      Big grin


      How are you guys?

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Wingz, Happy Birthday coming up for you!    Do you age up?  


        Yup,Sushi,  taking days off and doing a good run the next time is just great!   It shows that you body is doing just what it should.  

        My Little Pony hair.

          Yay September!


          I'm still doing the One Hour Runner program, doing more runs outside.


          In fact last week I had such a shitty week that I totally slacked off on my running (alright, maybe 2 weeks of slacking), only doing 2 short runs each week, and so my husband told me I'd be running on Saturday morning, rain or shine.  And wouldn't you just know that we got the end of a tropical storm that dumped rain on us non-stop all day on Saturday... but I did my run (and he skateboarded next to me as usual) in the pouring rain, with Ed making fun of the fact that my face was getting wet and wondering why I wasn't freaking out because water was getting on my face (I absolutely HATE getting water splashed on my face, and he loves to squirt me with the shower head or the hose).


          And tonight I did what would have been unimaginable for me this time last year - I registered for a 5k later this month, with another one in October to register for with my next paycheck.

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