Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


Administrative Changes for the group effective 8/1/08 (Read 145 times)

    Hi, gang! I love that this group has flourished and people are finding us! However, I'm having more difficulty keeping up with the graph and I'll be having even less time available when school starts back up in a few weeks. So... 1) Effective immediately, please post what week you are on in the "What Week Are You On?" thread. .........Please only post about what week you're on in this thread. .........Any week updates MUST be in this thread in order for the chart to be updated for you. .........Runners not updating within two months will have their name removed from the chart. 2) TheYapper66 and CanadianMeg will be keeping up the charts on the home page, the list of graduates, and are now the Big Bosses and In Charge. Please consider them the group owners. Since only one person can technically be group owner, I'll keep the designation but they're in charge. 3) If you need to reach me, you can either title a thread "Wingz" or send an email to I get a lot of junk mail (not related to putting my email up on the boards), so be sure to put C25K in the title of the message. I'll be checking in periodically but won't be keeping up with all the weekly and other threads. 4) You guys are doing great! Keep up the good work. Keep on encouraging each other. Share what you learned. Tell others about the program, about the group, and about RunningAHEAD. Cool

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