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The "9 Week" Program (Read 500 times)

Baby bean!

    I admire anyone who can finish it in 9 weeks. I knew going into it this time that I was going to have to repeat weeks 5 and 6 and I created a way of doing so. By repeating those weeks, I was able to not only build endurance but also confidence.

    Finish C25K

    I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

    Beginner all over again

      It depends on your Fitness Level at the beginning. I started 2 months ago and am still on Week #1


        Hi Frances.  I lurk, and am following your progress.  I started about the same time as you did on RA, but had gone through some of the same stuff that you are going through before I joined.  I am an old wannabee.   I started with a month or more of just walking.  Then, get this, I added 50 STEPS of jogging.  I very gradually have kept adding steps, and then minutes.  You are going to get there, I know, with your determination.  I like your attitude, too.  

          I am on week 5.  I take all the weeks with extra time - what ever I need.  I did OK on day 1 of week 5.  I didn't like the jump from 5 minutes of continuous running to 8 on day 2, so today I did 6 minute intervals, and did fine.  So onward.   I also add on to the days C25K routine, and do what I want just for fun, but pay close attention to any owies, etc. 

           Have a good run next, FrancesRE.


        Woods Lady   aka  Ma Econo