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What is a good shoe store (Read 158 times)


    I have foot locker and lady foot locker, dunmans and one other one. How do I know if I am getting a good shoe? Did everyone get their feet measured? How do they do that? Any info on buying shoes will be needed. By the way I am new here and new to running. I am on W1D3. Well day 3 on friday. Jan
      Check to see if there are any running stores in your area. Maybe do a google search? I'm in Olympia, WA, and here we have South Sound Running and a Road Runner an hour north. Both places take the time to watch you run and all of that. Road Runner had me step on a squishy pad thing to see where my arch hits, and then ran on a treadmill, videotaping my stride, then played it in slow motion to see exactly how I ran. It was cool. Any store that will take the time to discuss your choices, and what you need from a running shoe, who will watch you run to see what type of shoe you need, would be worth it. Lots of places do that, but the specialty stores I think know more about what they're talking about cause generally they're staffed by runners, not high school kids working on commission. Big grin Oh yeah - and modified to say WELCOME!!!! Big grin



        welcome to the group! i would definitely stay away from foot locker and other general chain stores. they are not going to have the selection or experience with running shoes that a specific running store would have. if you know people in town that have kids that do cross country or track, they probably know where the nearest running store is. if there's really no where near you- you can also use; although you will want to do some self-tests of your feet and current shoes to try and determine the sort of shoe you need. (wet foot test is easiest to tell if you have high arches) MTA- look for the running club in your area. they usually link to the best running stores around for their members to use their club discounts. i found the running store in my area this way: a link from the website of a local running club
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          I agree. Typically your running store will be staffed with people experienced in running. Your more general sports- or mall-type shoe store will typically be staffed with anyone who needs a job selling shoes. Both will tell you what kind of shoe you would be wearing... but only one will probably know how to fit shoes to runners. The wrong pair of shoes can not only feel uncomfortable but actually end up causing you an injury... potentially putting a STOP to your running career. It's worth it taking the time and money finding out what you really need.

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