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Week of 8/21-8/27 (Read 340 times)

    First run in 2 weeks after being sick for a week and it raining for another.  Kept it a little short today.  Legs were a little tired, but otherwise I felt great.

    Started c25k on 5/30/11

      Took a week off due to scheduling conflicts and to support my wife as she set up her new classroom.  Ran this morning and I feel pretty good though tired.  Yesterday morning my oldest boy and I passed out Heed/water at the midpoint of the bike portion of the Pigman triathalon in Palo, Iowa.  That was something to see.

        Only had time for 2 miles today. Had my best pace yet by almost a minute. 12:12!

        Started c25k on 5/30/11

          Long run for me this morning with the dog on the trail.  I am still so tired it's rediculous.  Sad


          DigitalFirefly - Nice job on picking up the pace!

            If any of you are on the East Coast, stay safe this weekend with Hurricane Irene coming through.  I'm in PA, northwest of Philly, so I'm hoping it weakens before it gets here.

            Started c25k on 5/30/11

              Short easy run on the trail with the dog this humid morning.


              Ditto on the well wishes for the east coasters. 

                Long run on the trail this morning.  I'm very tired.  At this point I don't think I'm strong enough to bump up my long run another mile.  Maybe I'll feel differently when the humidity goes down.  Hope everyone has fun running this weekend!

                  Super foggy this morning so I ran later than usual. I've been getting cramps on my right side just below my rib cage, every 10 minutes or so when running.  Maybe I need to drink a little more water before I run.  Anyway, went about 2.2 miles today.  Next week I'm going to go back to running longer times.


                  Chup: this heat sucks.  Fall can't get here soon enough.

                  Started c25k on 5/30/11

                    DigitalFirefly - I don't think anybody knows the root cause for side stitches.  Here's one theory.  The cramps might be caused by your organs jostling around while you run.  Try stretching your torso before running.  By this I mean put your arms over your head and lean to the left and to the right at the waist.  Another theory is that shallow breathing is the cause.  Try breathing deeply.  Or simply run more slowly.  I have never gotten a side stitch while walking and my running doesn't feel much faster.  Smile