Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


Is Couch to 5K too hard for your still ?? (Read 2282 times)

Beginner all over again

    Is the Couch to 5K too much too soon for you?


    It was for me !


    Here's an alternative that will keep you exercising and help you condition up to C25K


    8-week Condition plan by Jeff Galloway 


    I did this one walking only first

    Then again doing the Jog Segment suggestions


    And then did his 5K training plan (Run/Walk) , then his 10K  training plan , then Half Marathon programs too.

    (all free online)


    I still have never completed C25K and am only on Week #5


    But I recently finished a Half Marathon.  (Run/Walk, 5/1 ratio)


    Just wanted to share there are other options if Couch to 5K seems a bit strenuous for you at the beginning


      You can also just use the same schedule, but stretch it waaaay out.  Make a week last a month.  Or, you can do only a portion of the upgrade, and add to it when you are able.  Just keep going!