Low HR Training


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    Isn't that like determining if you're ready for an exam by taking that exam? I am probably allot older than you are and races take longer for me to recuperate.Dead



    well a field test does not have to be a full race and so recovery can be better. oh and I don't often race myself, I don't think I would be able to tolerate racing more often than what I do, despite being young.


    anyway what I believe is that no one should take such generic tables seriously, everyone needs to get to know themselves and make their own charts that actually work for them.


    I can see this easily because the generic stuff is really totally off for me =)

      Is this MAF pace the 1st mile split in the 5-mile test or avg pace of the 5-mile test?


      I am using 180-age as my MAF HR (150). Did a 5-mile MAF test today:

      mile   pace   avgHR

      1       7:05    143

      2       7:18    150

      3       7:22    150

      4       7:18    151

      5       7:23    151


      In my trainings, I use

      MAF-30 to MAF-20 (120-130) as my recovery run HR,

      MAF-20 to MAF-10 (130-140) as my easy run HR,

      MAF-10 to MAF (140-150) as my moderate long run/medium long run HR.


      Btw, my Max HR is 188. in my previous two marathon races, my average HR were the same: MAF+16 (166).


      to answer your question, it's the 1st mile split after FULL warmup. did you use that 1st mile as part of warmup? as I can see avg HR is lower there.


      in any case, you have very very neat MAF paces! green with envy here! Big grin


      good thing your max is 188, lines up with 220-age pretty good =)


      I'm not surprised you use MAF-20 as recovery.