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Anyone else planning a marathon in early June? (Read 230 times)


    Hiya I am planning to run my second marathon on June 1st (Christchurch, New Zealand) I am a slowbie -first mara time 4.52. Hoping to pick it up a bit this year but not really too fussed about time. I would be really keen to find out if there are others out there who are planning to run one around the same time who want to keep in touch to chat about how it's going, frustrations, schedules etc. It's really good to be in touch with others who are training to peak around the same time. I know last year the London Flora was around the same time as the marathon i did and it was really motivational to log on to that site to see how everyone was going. Is anyone else keen??


      My early season marathons are on March 30 and May 4 this year, so a bit off from your training schedule. You might want to check out the "public coaching" group, though: Basically state what you are training for and what you are doing to get there, and the folks in the group provide advice and encouragement as you go along. Some smart folks in there.

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        I'm training for Grandma's in Mid-June. I'll start my 16 week training schedule today. I'm hoping to run a 3:20 or thereabout. Good luck with your training.
          Hallo, I'll be running my first marathon on June the 20th (Torhout, Belgium). By the end of this month I'll try to push the fifth training day/week at any cost (I've been doing 4 days/week for quite a while). I'll try to follow my own training plan (4 x 12/15 km / week + 1 x 25/35 week), and see what happens Smile Regards

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            I've got the Gold Coast marathon down here in AUstralia on July 7. I'm currently doing a 12 week low heart rate aerobic base building period followed by 14 weeks focused on the marathon. Longest run so far is 19.8km/12.3 mile but will be building up gradually from there. Happy to share progress if interested, aiming for a 3:29 finish Hank

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